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AI and Chatbots in Education: What Does The FutureHold?


The increasing use of technology in everyday life is changing the way students learn and absorb information. It is because of artificial intelligence that the educators today are able to provide a personalized learning environment to the students. The researchers have developed systems that can automatically detect whether students are able to understand the study material or not. Chatbots or artificially intelligent conversational tools, built to improve student interaction and collaboration, are acting as a game changer in the innovative ed-tech world. This article discusses 7 ways in which artificial intelligence and chatbots are influencing the education.

Five algorithms that help students learn and professors teach - Richard van Hooijdonk Blog


Education systems face a multitude of challenges in today's fast-moving world. Teacher workload is ever-increasing, while delivering personalised lessons to students and fostering their critical thinking skills are crucial but elusive goals. Many people lack access to high-quality learning materials and qualified professors. Fortunately, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can provide schools with much needed assistance, and companies have developed smart algorithms that refine educational experiences in many different ways. Whether through personalised learning and smart content or through transcribing words and improving cognitive performance, AI-driven tools are transforming the way children learn and develop new skills.

10 Ways How can AI Transform the Education Industry?


The advent of artificial intelligence in the education industry has benefited both students and teachers. The merger of this technology with today's education system is revolutionizing the way students understand a concept and learn new things. Besides this, the technology has also changed the way teachers used to teach; they can now use real-life examples to make their students learn better and quicker. AI, if used to its full potential, can take the education world by storm. Let's dig deeper to know the ten amazing roles of artificial intelligence in this industry: Let's read them in detail: AI can help teachers to offer customized learning to help students learn as per their capability.

Use of IoT in the Education Sector and Why it's a Good Idea?


The current technological advancements are poised to revolutionize the world that we live in. Machines and everyday objects can now communicate with each other. IoT systems are the driving force behind all this incredible change. IoT has the potential to incorporate data-driven decision making into every aspect of human activity. The network of sensors and actuators in an IoT system are blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds.