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14 ways AI will impact the education sector


There have been a lot of digital "next big things" in education over the years--everything from the Apple IIe to online learning. The latest is artificial intelligence education tech (AI Ed), and only time will tell what impact it will ultimately have. But for something as important as education, now is the time to start talking about the benefits and challenges created by AI-powered personalized learning systems as they make their way into classrooms. Entefy covered this topic in previous articles: Old school no more: AI disrupts the classroom, which focused on teachers; and Artificial intelligence may transform education, but are parents ready?, which focused on parents. The clear near-term opportunity for AI Ed is to support teachers by taking over time-consuming, lower-value tasks like grading and recordkeeping.

10 EdTech Companies Enhancing Education and Learning through AI


The AI for Education 2019 Initiative Committee has completed the evaluations of prominent EdTech companies applying Artificial Intelligence to enhance education and learning. The companies selected in the list apply AI in different ways to benefit students, learners and the educational sector at large. The evaluation is part of the AI for Education 2019 Initiative, which aims to identify and showcase the most impactful and beneficial applications of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Education. We thank the AI for Education 2019 Initiative Committee Members who took part in the evaluations. They have evaluated the EdTech companies based on their vision, the maturity of their technology, and their contribution to applying AI technology to solve significant problems in the educational sector.

Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms - The Future of Education


With technological advancement and digitization, education industry is increasing at a fast pace. Education is changing dynamically with more and more privatization of this sector specially in India. From a data Fifty percent of India's population is the youth. This means that the Indian education sector is huge with a population of 1.13 billion. India has around 367 universities, 18,000 colleges, about half a million teachers, and 11 million pupils.

Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning Platforms Upgrading Education Sector


Incorporation of Artificial Emotional Intelligence in E-Learning platforms creates new possibilities in online education.We all know that how everything has changed post-pandemic. Every industry had to find new ways to run their processes to survive during the pandemic and post-pandemic situation. The same implies to the education sector. Still the schools, colleges, and Universities in most of the countries follow virtual classes system as the situation hasn’t saturated. […]

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Education and Work?


A new report titled "Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030" explores the role of AI in various aspects of society and considers implications for our future. The increasing personalization of learning due to intelligent systems and the skills likely required for jobs in an AI filled future are important to consider. "While formal education will not disappear, the Study Panel believes that MOOC's and other forms of online education will become part of learning at all levels, from K-12 through university, in a blended classroom experience. This development will facilitate more customizable approaches to learning, in which students can learn at their own pace using educational techniques that work best for them. Online education systems will learn as the students learn, supporting rapid advances in our understanding of the learning process.