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If you want to see the future of your city, take a look at these 3 places


Many large cities (Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Singapore, Dubai, London, San Francisco) serve as test beds for autonomous vehicle trials in a competitive race to develop "self-driving" cars. Automated ports and warehouses are also increasingly automated and robotised. Testing of delivery robots and drones is gathering pace beyond the warehouse gates. Automated control systems are monitoring, regulating and optimising traffic flows. Automated vertical farms are innovating production of food in "non-agricultural" urban areas around the world.

Is YOUR job at risk? White House report warns AI could soon leave 'millions' of Americans unemployed

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The increase AI will leave millions of Americans unemployed in the next coming years, reveals a new report from the White House. Dubai police launch AI that can spot crimes BEFORE they... What humans will look like in 100 years: Expert reveals the... How an'emotional hangover' shapes your memory: Effects of... Tesla and Panasonic join forces to begin solar panel... Dubai police launch AI that can spot crimes BEFORE they... What humans will look like in 100 years: Expert reveals the... How an'emotional hangover' shapes your memory: Effects of... Tesla and Panasonic join forces to begin solar panel... The White House report cites a 2013 study from Oxford University that says a whopping 47 percent of jobs are at risk.Softbank's humanoid robot Pepper (pictured) introduces Nestle's coffee machines at an electric shop in Tokyo However, the report suggests AI could improve the country's productivity growth, which would result in higher wages and fewer work hours. YOU'RE AT MORE RISK IF YOU MAKE LESS THAN $20 AN HOUR Hero dog saves his injured'girlfriend' on deadly railway track Fox Valley Mall forced to close as huge brawl breaks out Chaos as people rush out of NJ mall after reports of gunshots Adorable puppy is constantly bumped on the head by playful kitten CAT ATTACK: Pet pounces on man as he opens Christmas present Just beautiful! Kaylee Rodgers stuns internet singing Hallelujah Grizzly bear attacks TV woman who recklessly tries to stroke it President-elect Donald Trump cheered as he attends church Father posts awkward video invitation to his daughter's Quinceañera Mayhem outside Fox Valley Mall as police make several arrests Prince William & Duchess of Cambridge arrive at church service Ten-year-old girl's emotional reaction to puppy surprise!

Uber is searching for a third city to test its flying taxis


Uber's flying taxi service was supposed to debut in Dallas, Los Angeles and Dubai, but its deal with the emirate fizzled out before tests could even begin. It still wants to trial UberAir outside the country, though, so it launched a search for a third test city in May. Now, the company has announced that it has narrowed down its choices for the third spot to five countries: Australia, Brazil, France, India and Japan. In particular, Uber seems to be considering Sydney or Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro or the state of São Paulo, Paris, Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, and Tokyo. On its website, Uber said that a good launch city has a population of over 2 million with a density of over 2,000 people per square mile, because those are the places that would benefit from an air taxi network the most.

ANA makes superjumbo-size bet it can fill axed Airbus A380s with Japanese tourists to Hawaii

The Japan Times

TOKYO - Just as a tide of canceled orders has prompted Airbus SE to halt production of the A380 superjumbo, Japan's biggest airline is betting it can succeed where others have failed -- by filling the luxurious double-deckers with tourists flying to Hawaii. From May 24, ANA Holdings Inc. has scheduled three flights a week from Narita airport near Tokyo to Honolulu on the 520-seat behemoths, painted in a special sea-turtle theme. The carrier will bring on one more A380 for the Hawaii service in July and a third next year, ANA President Yuji Hirako said, adding that reservations for the route are already more than 40 percent higher than a year ago. The plan leaves ANA as the only passenger line with A380s on order other than Dubai-based Emirates, which has been the plane's mainstay airline. The aircraft -- which wowed travelers with in-flight showers, bedrooms and bars but was too big to win over most carriers -- may help ANA close the Hawaii market-share gap with arch-rival Japan Airlines Co.

All you need to know about Elon Musk's Big F***ing Rocket

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced the latest addition to his company SpaceX's arsenal - the'Big F***ing Rocket' (BFR) - and it could revolutionise transport on Earth as well as in space. Musk said the vessel would both take off and land vertically, like a space rocket, and for Earth travel, will take off from floating launchpads moored outside major cities. It would fly most routes - New York to Tokyo, for example - in about 30 minutes, and anywhere in under an hour. A trip from Bangkok to Dubai would take 27 minutes, and from Tokyo to Delhi in 30 minutes, according to his calculations. It could even take people on rapid trips around Earth, with a flight from London to Dubai taking 29 minutes, while passengers will spend just half an hour in the air on flights from London to New York.