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Nvidia ShadowPlay review: The best gameplay recording option for GeForce graphics card owners


Nvidia's GeForce Experience (GFE) software for PCs equipped with GeForce graphics cards looks straightforward enough as a tool for optimizing your game library and downloading the latest GeForce drivers. But underneath that primary utility are a few nice, yet not-so-obvious features, including a highly regarded game recording application called ShadowPlay. Note: This review is part of our roundup of the best game capture software. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them. What new users may find confusing, however, is that the words ShadowPlay never appear inside GeForce Experience itself.

How ShadowPlay Highlights and Nvidia Ansel make GeForce cards more fun


For years, the software that shipped with graphics cards didn't add a lot of value when you were actually, you know, playing games. Sure, you wanted the latest drivers for the best performance, and it's nice to be able to adjust how your monitors behave or optimize your games with a click--but none of that is exciting in the heat of the moment. Let's dig into how ShadowPlay Highlights and Ansel make using GeForce graphics cards just plain more fun, letting you easily create and share stunning gameplay videos and glamoured-up screenshots, respectively. You'll need a GeForce graphics card to take advantage of these Nvidia-created goodies, of course. If you've ever wanted to mimic PewDiePie or DeadEndThrills, read on, but be warned: Once you've dabbled in these dandy features, you'll wish they were available in every game.

Nvidia GeForce Experience's FreeStyle feature adds Instagram-like filters to your games


Sure, those wild 65-inch 4K G-Sync HDR displays might have stolen the gaming headlines during Nvidia's CES 2018 keynote, but hardware wasn't the company's only focus. A new GeForce Experience feature dubbed Nvidia FreeStyle can completely change the look and feel of your games by letting you apply Instagram-like post-processing filters right as you play.

The best PC game recording software: 5 freeware capture tools compared


Whether you're an emerging Twitch broadcaster or simply a gamer who wants to share your epic gaming highlights with pals, recording your video gameplay is all the rage these days. But which recording software should you use if you're just dipping your toes into capturing gaming videos? There's no shortage of free video recording tools out there vying for your attention, many with unique hooks or features. We played with five of the most popular freeware gameplay capture tools around--Open Broadcast Software Studio, Nvidia ShadowPlay, AMD ReLive, MSI Afterburner, and Each serves a different purpose, such as recording and sharing highlight clips, broadcasting your gameplay to the world, or creating a complete archive of your favorite game.

Second-gen Nvidia Shield TV hands-on: All the new killer features Nvidia didn't talk about


For cord cutters who want nothing but the best, Nvidia's $200 Shield TV console has always been the box of choice for streaming videos and even games. At CES 2017, the company announced a new-and-improved version that adds in HDR support, refines gaming and entertainment options, and even transforms the Android TV device into a voice-controlled rival of the Amazon Echo. We've already covered all the details revealed during Nvidia's CES 2017 press conference, but I just spent over an hour at Nvidia's suite to learn more about the new Shield TV's every nook and cranny. Here are some initial impressions, and a look at some of the more nitty-gritty improvements that weren't mentioned during the keynote. Before we even get into flashy features like smart-home controls and Google Assistant, the second-gen Shield TV packs worthwhile quality-of-life improvements over its predecessor.