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What Recent Axiom, Deloitte, And UnitedLex Announcements Reveal About Law's Future


Axiom hired a new CEO from Gartner. Deloitte launched its Legal Business Services offering. UnitedLex hired a Chief Digital and Transformation Officer from Genpact. These moves were announced within a ten-day period. The concurrence of the announcements might be coincidental but the reasons behind them are anything but. Big money is betting heavily on business and tech-trained leadership to guide legal service providers into the digital age.

Resolving Artificial Intelligence's Trust Problem


AI needs a balance between speed and fairness. Is artificial intelligence getting a bad rap? Only half (50%) of consumers trust companies that use AI as much as they trust other companies, a survey of 19,504 people published by World Economic Forum finds. At the same time, the more familiar people are with AI, the greater their level of trust. The likelihood to trust companies that use AI as much as other companies is highest among business decision-makers (62%) and business owners (61%), the WEF survey shows.

Measuring the True Impact of a Cyberattack


Cyberattacks aren't just a CIO's or CISO's problem; their long-term effects extend across the C-suite. For CMOs, the fallout can include brand damage, a public relations fiasco, and lost value of customer relationships. Yet while high-profile cyberattacks have garnered much public and regulatory scrutiny in recent years, and credible studies have calculated the per-record cost of a data breach, the larger business impacts reverberate far longer, and in more ways, than many leaders expect. Indeed, the full range of repercussions across an organization has been much harder to tally. Research conducted jointly by Deloitte Advisory's Cyber Risk Services, Forensics & Investigations, and Valuation teams provides a model for quantifying the myriad costs an organization typically incurs following a cyberattack.

'Counterpart' Season 1 Finale Sneak Peek: Quayle Learns About The Mass Shooting

International Business Times

Fancher informs Quayle about the horrendous massacre at the Office of Interchange in a sneak peek from this week's Season 1 finale of Syfy's "Counterpart." In the minute-long clip, Fancher (Richard Schiff) tells Quayle (Harry Lloyd) about how clueless he was when he saw Helen suddenly shoot random people at work in the last episode. I bought her a scarf. It was her birthday," Fancher recounts. "And then this woman, whoever she was, she looks me straight into the eye.

'Escapes' is all that and more on the adventurous life of Hampton Fancher

Los Angeles Times

"Escapes" is as unconventional as its subject, demonstrating the charming things that can happen when a life in no way ordinary gets documented by a filmmaker most unusual. The director in question is Michael Almereyda, a stalwart of the independent world whose credits include dramatic features like the fine "Experimenter" and Ethan Hawke's Manhattan-based contemporary "Hamlet" as well as the documentary "William Eggleston in the Real World." The subject of this documentary, Hampton Fancher, is more elusive and less well known, though he shouldn't be. As an actor and screenwriter he's been unexpectedly central to popular culture though he habitually lives just outside the spotlight. Almereyda, who is a friend, wants to change that.