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Best practices for tech transformation in government


The pandemic has exposed the importance of technology transformation as a fundamental pillar for reforming the overall workings of government. Governments across the globe more than ever rely on modern technology to manage their priorities like more citizen engagement, improved government productivity, and higher economic growth. You can download all of the articles in this special report in one PDF (free registration required). Moreover, technology transformation will enable governments to do more with fewer investments. Technology transformation is about more than selecting, rolling out, and operating the latest technology.

How To Drive Transformation With Communication

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I find the easiest issues to tackle are always those dealing with technology. The biggest challenge can often be the human factor. How do you get people to not only work differently but to support the changes you are making and, in the end, work well together? For me, communication has always been the answer. Communication helps remove the unknowns and makes change easier for a team.

Silicon Valley Series: Evolution of Cloud, Analytics, AI and Human Integration


In this Silicon Valley Series I was honored to interview a number of very smart and experienced Silicon Valley dignitaries on a variety of important business trends, technologies and strategies. I hope you find this series of short interviews useful. In this episode, I interview Silicon Valley veteran and three time CEO Tom Thimot on how artificial intelligence and automation are evolving from hybrid models to more trusted automation models. Read more from Kevin Benedict at the Center for Digital Intelligence: 12 Step Plan for Digital Transformation Speeds Artificial Intelligence, Combined Actions and Digital Strategies Competition, Artificial Intelligence and Balloons 7 Imperatives for Thriving During Digital Transformation What Artificial Intelligence Can Teach Us Speed as a Competitive Advantage in Digital Transformation Culture as a Competitive Advantage in Digital Transformation Digital Technologies and the Compression of both Time and Distance Patterns, Platforms and Automation Making the Hard Decisions in Digital Transformation Center for Digital Intelligence Interviews: Hitachi's Rob Tiffany on Industrial IoT Digital Transformation and the New Rules for Start-Ups Digital Transformation and Leadership Development Digital Transformation and Competitive Decision-Making Combinatorial Nature of Digital Technologies and Legos Digital Transformation from 40,000 feet Winning in Chaos - Digital Leaders 13 Recommended Actions for Digital Transformation in Retail Mistakes in Retail Digital Transformation Winning Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital Transformation - Mindset Differences Analyzing Retail Through Digital Lenses Digital Thinking and Beyond! Measuring the Pace of Change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution How Digital Thinking Separates Retail Leaders from Laggards To Bot, or Not to Bot Oils, Bots, AI and Clogged Arteries Artificial Intelligence Out of Doors in the Kingdom of Robots How Digital Leaders are Different The Three Tsunamis of Digital Transformation - Be Prepared!

Digital transformation: 4 tips to be a successful IT leader in 2022


In 2021, leadership was about finding new ways to deliver on commitments and grow, despite global challenges. It involved coaching teams that were working out of home offices and balancing new distractions and personal commitments – all while managing anxiety about what was to come. In 2022, we hope to finally put the pandemic behind us and set the tone for a new kind of workplace and workplace culture. Whether you are a veteran leader or are stepping into a leadership role for the first time, you likely realize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for the times ahead. The following tenets can help you craft a leadership strategy that supports your team as they deliver results without disruption. Get the eBook: What's slowing down your Digital Transformation?

Two Essential Approaches To Digital Transformation

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For the past several years, digital transformation has been a constant topic of focus in the business community. Much has been written about the risks of digital disruption and the need for digital transformation in the world of digital platforms. But what does digital transformation really mean--and why do so many companies fail to achieve their goals? One of the main problems is that there are actually two types of digital transformation: linear and exponential. Most companies want the results of the exponential transformation, but focus instead on the linear transformation, which is easier to understand and implement.