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Announcing: vSphere 7 Update 2 Release - VMware vSphere Blog


We are excited to share that today VMware has released vSphere 7 Update 2. It is available to download right away, both through VMware Customer Connect and from within vSphere Lifecycle Manager itself. With vSphere 7, released in April 2020, we moved vSphere to a six-month release cycle. We released vSphere 7 Update 1 in October 2020, and vSphere 7 Update 2 today. With this faster pace, you get the benefits of the latest capabilities and innovation from VMware as well as from the VMware partner and OEM ecosystem much more quickly, to meet your business needs and be future-ready. The vSphere 7 Update 2 release sure packs a big punch!

VMware updates vSphere, vSAN with more hybrid management features


With the latest releases of vSphere and vSAN, VMware continues to build up support for customers interested in hybrid cloud options. The updates included in vSphere 6.7, VMware's hypervisor and virtualization management platform, fall into four categories: enhancing performance, providing new security capabilities, accommodating both traditional and new applications and providing a seamless cloud experience. In the category of performance, vSphere admins will get a faster experience using the vCenter Server Appliance -- twice the performance in vCenter operations per second when compared to vSphere 6.5. Additionally, vSphere 6.7 significantly reduces reboot times. A typical patch or upgrade cycle takes two reboots.

VMware bolsters vSphere, updates Horizon, Workspace ONE products


VMware on Tuesday rolled out a new approach to unified endpoint management aimed at simplifying support of Windows 10 devices. The company also unveiled updates to its Horizon and Workspace ONE products and introduced VMware Integrated OpenStack 3. VMware said its new technology expands current Windows 10 management with capabilities traditionally found in PC lifecycle management, including configuration management and provisioning, software distribution, operating system patch management and client health and security management. "We believe there is an incredible opportunity to push identity-driven secure digital workspaces for the delivery of any app on any device, especially as businesses shift to Windows 10 and increasingly offer cloud-based productivity suites such as Office 365 to employees," Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president of EUC for VMware, said in a statement. As for Horizon 7, VMware's desktop virtualization product, the product has been retooled with more features from VMware Blast Extreme protocol, which VMware said will provide up to a 6x reduction in image bandwidth consumption, as well as a 15 percent reduction in audio streaming. Additionally, support for Riverbed in Horizon 7 will bring faster speeds to end-users on wide area networks (WAN).

VMware vSphere 6.0 Part 6 - P2V Migrations With Converter


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VMware vSphere 4 Implementation - Programmer Books


Featuring tips, techniques, and best practices, VMware vSphere 4 Implementation explains how to dramatically cut hardware costs, maximize computing power, and centralize system administration. Configure hardware and storage devices, build virtual machines and networks, install guest operating systems, and import physical machines. Security, disaster recovery, performance tuning, and system updates are also covered in this comprehensive resource.