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The Latest: French drivers ration gas, hope strikes fizzle

U.S. News

Cars queue near a poster that reads "Fuel Shortage" outside a closed gas station in Villeneuve d'Ascq, near Lille, northern France, Wednesday, May 25, 2016. France has started using its fuel reserves to deal with gasoline shortages caused by strikes and protests over a bill weakening worker protections.

U.S. Air Force has no plans to recall retired pilots to cover shortage despite Trump's order

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON – The Air Force says it doesn't plan on using new flexibility under an executive order signed by President Donald Trump to address a pilot shortage by recalling retired pilots.

Whipped Cream Shortage Expected Due to Shortage of Nitrous Oxide

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Hence, Reddi-wip was not the only whipped cream product affected: In a statement to the Washington Post, Conagra representative Lanie Freidman said that "due to an industry-wide supply issue, there is currently a shortage of some whipped toppings, including Reddi-wip ... [and] private label and competitive whipped topping."

Major whipped cream shortage

FOX News

Grocery stores throughout the country are running low on canned whipped cream following a fatal explosion at a Florida nitrous oxide plant in late August. Lanie Friedman, a spokeswoman for Conagra Foods, confirmed to that there is currently a nationwide shortage of some of its whipped topping products, including Reddi-wip. "We are proactively managing the production of Reddi-wip, and are doing the best we can to make it available to as many consumers as possible," Friedman said. But heading into peak holiday party season, many consumers are worried that their pies, cakes,pastries and even coffees just won't be the same without a dollop of something special on top. There's a nationwide shortage of nitrous oxide, the gas used to propel whipped cream.

Indiana School Districts Face Bus Driver Shortage

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"I think ... it's because you can't just hire a driver," said Dave Rarick, transportation director for the Greater Clark district. "They have to have all the endorsements -- Class B CDL, school bus endorsements, there's a three-day class through Department of Education to get a yellow card. There's so many hoops to jump through."