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Today is World Smile Day, a celebration of cheerfulness that was coined and initiated by commercial artist Harvey Ball. He also founded the World Smile Corporation in 1999, which organizes World Smile Day. The day is held on the first Friday of October each year and is dedicated to "good cheer and good works". So, with the mission of making you grin and set you in the right mood to kickstart the weekend, here are 16 quotes from Goodreads and BrainQuote about happiness and why is it so important to smile.

The science behind the perfect smile

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She is famous for the dazzling Hollywood smile which has made her queen of the rom com. But while Julia Roberts' toothy smile works for her, it is not advised for everyone. A study has found that people with less lengthy grins, which do not turn up at the corners, are best advised to hide their teeth when smiling. But the trademark celebrity smile, displaying rows of gleaming white teeth, is potentially perfect for those with large smiles. Bigger smiles, such as Julia Roberts' (left) and Anne Hathaway's (right) which showed more teeth were judged as successful.

'Hundreds' of CVS Pharmacy stores to get SmileDirectClub shops

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Invisalign and SmileDirectClub are the two industry-leading clear teeth aligner companies. Here's a look at how the two differ as braces alternatives. The nationwide boom in teeth straightening is poised to accelerate with the introduction of SmileDirectClub's braces alternative in certain CVS Pharmacy stores. CVS Health plans to announce Thursday that it will devote sections of "hundreds" of stores to the surging startup's Smile Shops later this year after a pilot delivered promising results. The move continues the drugstore chain's strategy of shifting more floor space from retail to health care services while cutting back on poorly selling products like greeting cards.

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Detect Insincerity Through Smiling - Liwaiwai


A smile is a typical expression we see in our daily lives. Simple as the expression may be, we know that smiling isn't always straightforward. We may smile because we are embarrassed or shy. We may smile because we are being polite. Sometimes we smile even when we are angry or insincere.

What Is Amazon SmileCode? Company To Debut QR-Style Codes In February

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Amazon is launching SmileCode in February albeit in limited capacity. However, the e-commerce giant is believed to be planning something big for its latest project. But before going there, what is SmileCode, really? And what does it do?