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Over the past month or so I've found some spare time to return to this project and attempt something much harder but also much more useful. The terrain maps are fun but only really useful as nice images to look at and not much more. My new goal is to generate something useful in the 3D world by creating height and texture maps. Height maps are grayscale images that use pixel intensity to encode geographic altitude and are often used to store the topographic data of 3D landscapes. Texture maps are images that hold the coloring of the terrain.

Your next news feed addiction could come from ... Imgur?


Let's be real: Social media as we know it is all about the followers. The more followers, the more likes, and we yearn for those double-digits on Instagram, triple-digits on Facebook, and the increasing follower count on Twitter and Snapchat.

Man airdrops all iPhone 7 demo photos from an Apple Store and here they are


Remember all those beautiful photos taken on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus that Apple showed during its September keynote? Turns out, the company has many more photos and videos it uses for showcase purposes in Apple Stores -- and now you can download them all. One clever Redditor noticed (and 9to5Mac wrote up) that you can simply download all these photos and videos by using Apple's AirDrop near an Apple Store, and connecting to one of the devices there. He collected a total of 195 images, which he shared on Imgur. Since Imgur compresses the photos, therefore impacting the quality, the same user also shared the entire stash of photos and videos, in full resolution, on Dropbox (unfortunately, before the publication of this article Dropbox temporarily terminated te account due to too much traffic).

TalkTalk apologises after image sharing site Imgur gets blocked for thousands of customers

The Independent - Tech

TalkTalk customers have complained after popular image sharing site Imgur appeared to have been blocked by the internet provider. Users said on social media that Imgur, which is often used to host images posted on Reddit, was stubbornly refusing to load on their computers, even though they could access other websites like normal. Some customers were able to access the site through VPNs, suggesting the problem lied with TalkTalk and not Imgur. Please find info here According to internet analysis company Alexa, Imgur is the 46th most popular site on the web, so thousands of TalkTalk customers are believed to have been affected.

'Pokémon GO' Avatar Update Allows Trainers To Walk Barefoot, Catch Pokémon Sans Backpack

International Business Times

On Wednesday, the Pokémon GO team announced on their blog the arrival of Gen 2 Pokémon and new features to Niantic Labs' iOS and Android mobile gaming app. They mentioned in the blog post that with the new update, players will have new avatars and more wardrobe options. What they did not mention then was the option to let Trainers roam the augmented reality map without any footwear. Thanks to Reddit user ShotgunMavericks01, we learned today that the latest "Pokémon GO" update brings the option to wear or not to wear a specific apparel while looking for and trying to catch Pokémon. In a thread the Redditor started, he posted some screenshots of the new avatar customization options.