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Apple may finally be ditching the most hated iPhone feature


Apple may soon be ditching the 16GB iPhone, if recent reports are to be believed. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Cupertino's next iPhone, due out this fall, will start at 32GB, not the much-loathed 16GB model pundits and consumers have come to hate. According to the Journal's source, the next iPhone will come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models -- likely due, at least in part, to the expected camera improvements that will accompany the next iPhone. The latest report is in line with earlier reports that also suggested Apple's next iPhone will top out at 256GB of storage (though at least one of those reports claim only the larger iPhone 7 Plus will be available in a 256GB option. Of course, as with just about every iPhone rumor, we won't know for sure until Apple formally introduces the device (likely in September) though the Apple rumor mill is starting to give us a pretty good idea of what to expect.

A three camera iPhone? It may be one of three new models for 2019, report

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While the company's usual fall event may be several months away, early details on what to expect from Apple's 2019 iPhone update have begun to emerge, according to a new report. According to The Wall Street Journal Apple will once again introduce three new phones this fall, with three rear cameras for its highest-end model. The other two models, including a possible iPhone XR successor with an LCD display, will have two cameras on the back. In 2018, the pricier iPhone XS and XS Max each had two rear cameras to enable better zooming and a more robust "portrait" mode. The iPhone XR which starts at $749, $250 less than the $999 iPhone XS, only had one rear camera as well as a cheaper LCD display instead of using the XS line's higher quality OLED technology.

Next up, iPhone 9. Why would Apple name any phone that?


Video: iPhone lovers are desperate for changes. It seems so long ago, but, simultaneously, like yesterday, too. The great debate was in full flow exactly this time last year. Apple would soon release an iPhone 8, the smart rumors declared. Together, that is, with an iPhone 7S and a 7 Plus.

Apple gives older iPhones the gift of FaceTime HD


In October, Apple launched FaceTime HD on its iPhone 12 line of products, meaning users could make video calls in 1080p resolution (though only when connected to Wi-Fi or a 5G network). This was a welcome feature, though it was slightly odd that earlier iPhones -- especially those that have 12-megapixel front cameras -- were not given the feature. Now, MacMagazine has found out that iPhone 8 and up have received FaceTime HD as well. The feature was introduced in iOS 14.2, though Apple's official release notes do not mention it. However, if you go to specs page of, say iPhone 11, you'll see that it has "FaceTime HD video calling over Wi-Fi" listed as a feature.

With the new iPhone SE, India finally gets its decent, cheap iPhone


Apple is finally giving India a decent iPhone it can afford. The company today announced that the newly introduced 32GB variant of the iPhone SE will start at Rs 27,200 ($415), down from the Rs 39,000 ($600) sticker price at which the iPhone SE base model retailed in the country last year. SEE ALSO: The coming app-pocalypse could kill some of the iPhone's greatest hits The 16GB and 64GB iPhone SE variants will be phasing out in India as well, though you can expect to see some great deals on those models in the country in the coming weeks. According to marketing research firm, the company had shipped about 60,000 iPhone SE models in India last year. According to marketing research firm Counterpoint, the company had shipped only about 60,000 iPhone SE models in India last year.