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The State of AI in Advancement -


Less than a year ago, leaders in the advancement industry recognized that artificial intelligence (AI) technology was beginning to revolutionize the way fundraising worked. This group was committed to shaping AI's role in the advancement industry so that transformative innovation would happen in a transparent fashion, that AI would result in a positive impact on philanthropic efforts and social good, and that widespread adoption would be accessible to all nonprofit organizations. The 16-member group called itself the AI in Advancement Advisory Council (AAAC) and Gravyty, the first and leading AI company focused solely on social good, is proud to be the catalyst that brought this group together. This positive impact is the mission of the AAAC. "Gravyty is doing much more than bringing AI to advancement. They are creating the necessary dialogue between universities to help draft a language that will ensure that this type of technology is applied in an equitable manner."

Gravyty and Accordant Announce Strategic Partnership


Gravyty, the market-defining provider of fundraiser enablement solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and Accordant announced a strategic partnership to transform health care philanthropy by spreading the use of AI throughout the sector. Through this partnership, Accordant, the top thought leader in advancing philanthropy and community partnerships to elevate health care, will combine its powerful strategy and training services with Gravyty's AI fundraiser enablement solutions to bring about the next evolution in health care fund development. Accordant CEO, Betsy Taylor, shared, "Accordant believes in the power of purpose-driven partnerships to advance health care. Leveraging the powerful insights of Gravyty will enable philanthropic gift officers to be more focused and more proactive in their efforts to engage partners who aspire to affect meaningful change and to transform health. A partnership between Accordant and Gravyty is a natural fit; we deeply respect Gravyty's thought leadership as pioneers who are defining artificial intelligence in advancement. We also feel connecting Gravyty's business intelligence to Accordant's philanthropy strategy and training is a powerful combination. We are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have to support health care organizations in achieving their noble missions."

LGBT People of Color Cannot Escape Workplace Discrimination--No Matter Where They Work

Mother Jones

A report released last week reveals bias against LGBT employees of color who are working in the nonprofit sector, even in organizations that specifically serve the LGBT community. The Building Movement Project, which provides research and training tools to help nonprofits better connect with the communities they serve, set out to examine attitudes and practices around sexuality and race in the nonprofit sector. They were interested in understanding how race affects the career opportunities of minorities and how sexuality also affects professional advancement. They then present possible solutions that could reduce the gaps between white and nonwhite advancement at both LGBT and non-LGBT oriented nonprofits. Their report, Working at the Intersections: LGBTQ Nonprofit Staff and the Racial Leadership Gap finds that when it comes to professional advancement, even within explicitly LGBT-focused organizations, LGBT people of color face more challenges compared to their white counterparts or straight people of color.

The Societal Significance of Artificial Intelligence


Popular expressions, for example, "artificial intelligence", "machine learning" and "Big Data" have without question become a significant topic in the present tech scene and they are digging in for the long-term. However, the advancement power behind Artificial Intelligence and its related perspectives have additionally discovered its way to the core phase of our society. Can Artificial Intelligence be utilized for the more noteworthy benefit of society? Also, what job should organizations play in it? While AI is certainly not a silver bullet, it can help handle a lot of our general society's most challenging issues on a social, economic and environmental level.