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Why are there so few black and minority ethnic sporting statues?

BBC News

Leslie would have been the first black person to play for England when he was picked for a friendly against Ireland in 1925 - yet was dropped when selectors visited his club, Plymouth Argyle, and discovered he was black.

Marchers Want Women, Progressives, Minorities in Office

U.S. News

The Portland Press Herald reports a training program for Maine Democratic female candidates says it's seen rising interest for 2018 races.

Steelers' Mike Tomlin on minority hiring in NFL: 'It's comical, although it's not funny'

FOX News

Has the NFL put the proper COVID-19 protocols in place to protect players for the 2020 season? Former NFL player Jack Brewer reacts. Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin spoke Thursday about minority hiring in the NFL and what needs to be done to improve the number of minorities in the coaching ranks of the league. Tomlin, who is one of four minority head coaches in the league right now, said in an interview on "Good Morning Football" that "we have to be better." STEELERS' MIKE TOMLIN AGREES CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE TO ROONEY RULE "There are less than half the minority coaches in the NFL today than there were in 2007 when I got my job. From that perspective, it is a joke. It needs to be addressed," Tomlin said.

US poor and minority areas turning into 'pharmacy deserts'

Al Jazeera

More and more minority neighbourhoods in US cities are becoming what healthcare experts call "pharmacy deserts". From Oregon on the west coast to Baltimore on the east, local drug stores are closing up shop in low-income and minority neighbourhoods. The decisions may be based on profitability, but with the widening scope of services pharmacies offer in the United States - like physicals, immunisations, drug counselling, sexually transmitted infection screening and other laboratory testing - residents of poor neighbourhoods struggle to access an increasingly important part of the national healthcare system.