Facebook encourages people to fall out, professor of communication says

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The way Facebook is designed means people are destined to fall out and suffer severe emotional wounding, claims one professor. The site forces people to talk carelessly and not listen to each other, according to Glenn Sparks. And because people are "friends" with so many people, there are a lot of people to fall out with and users experiences traumatic scenarios as a result, the professor and communications expert claimed. All of that happens because the site is terrible at letting people talk with nuance, he said. That means that people are unable to express their feelings about politics or other sensitive topics properly โ€“ and end up falling out.

David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo โ€“ Canada


The Cheriton School is part of Waterloo's highly regarded and unique Faculty of Mathematics, which also placed in the top 20 in the 2015 QS rankings With those credentials, it is little wonder that the Faculty has more than 7,500 graduate and undergraduate students. "At the University of Waterloo, we build innovative, high-impact platforms, systems, and applications for tackling the big data challenge," says Prof. Jimmy Lin. To produce globally influential technology leaders, the Cheriton School has formed 16 different research groups of professors and graduate students, who explore innovations in a myriad of areas such as human computer interaction, machine learning and artificial intelligence, algorithms and complexity, bioinformatics, information retrieval and database systems, symbolic computation, and quantum computing. The Cheriton School is a world leader in computer security and privacy, developing and researching tools used by millions of people every day to protect the security, privacy, and integrity of their online communications.

Partnerships Will Drive NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) Stock higher


International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) announced three new servers built for cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These are three buzzwords for essentially the same thing: computer systems that learn how to solve more and more complex real-world problems and understand the world like humans. The automated machine learning technology of Watson, IBM's cognitive computing software platform, is at the forefront of AI research, but there are practical spin-offs that can already be used in advanced medical applications and commercial applications built on the Watson Developer Cloud. The new servers are part of IBM's Linux specialized server portfolio co-developed with members of the OpenPOWER Foundation. The OpenPOWER ecosystem includes a wide variety of computing solutions that use IBM's open POWER processor technology.

Why Machines Should Go To The University of Google, School of Artificial Intelligence


What if I told you to tie your shoes, but you had no laces? Or to cook dinner, but you had no pots or pans. There are certain tools we need to succeed, which we often don't have access to or are held back by a gatekeeper. Dozens of AI / Machine Learning startups experience this same problem because they don't have enough data to properly train their AI algorithm. Startups that aim to eliminate the error involved in judging cancerous tumors.

Studying Robotics at Oxford Brookes University


At Oxford Brookes University we are passionate about robotics and are keen to share the enthusiasm we have for the subject with our students. Our new Cognitive Robotics laboratory is set to drive forward research in human-robot interaction, autonomous vehicles, and biologically inspired robotics. The dramatic increase in the use of robots in public spaces and in our homes has given rise to the need for graduates with skills in developing software to make robots that can interact safely and intelligently with humans. Our new course in Robotic Systems (awaiting validation) will produce well qualified graduates who are equipped with the skills and expertise that will be in high demand within this fast growing industry sector.