Productivist, Connecting Manufacturers with Their Clients Through a Secure Peer to Peer Network


The manufacturing sector is growing pretty fast with the latest advances in the technology. Many large industries across the world faced a huge downfall because of poor economy during the last decade. So, market's leading manufacturing firms are also planning to try something new to reach the clients and earn a much larger profit. While other options do not seem pretty useful, Productivist seems like a boon for the manufacturing sector. It is planned to be an affordable, integrated, and one-stop solution for the manufacturing industry.

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Can IoT transform your manufacturing business? – Tech Check News


The Internet of Things is enabling manufacturers to become smarter. Source: Shutterstock THE Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is impacting the way many companies around the world are doing business. It's enabling businesses to become smarter, achieving better outcomes than ever before. A prime example of where IoT is making a large business impact is in the industrial field. As we propel into Industry 4.0, many manufacturers are realizing the need to digitize in order to stay competitive.

42Q Launches Rapid IIoT Cloud Solution for Manufacturers


"Manufacturers are convinced of the benefits IIoT technology brings, however, adoption has been slowed by the complexities and costs of acquiring and connecting new systems to legacy technology in the factory," said Srivats Ramaswami, CTO, 42Q. "The Rapid IIoT Cloud Solution simplifies and accelerates the deployment of shop floor connectivity, data collection and storage, as well as data visualization and analysis. Using the Rapid IIoT Cloud Solution, 42Q customers have realized these benefits in as little as six weeks."

BMW, GE Commit Millions to Digital Manufacturing Marketplace

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"When you talk about the long tail of the internet that has helped retailers, for example – through Amazon and other sites, they can sell their products all across the country, when previously they were just very local storefronts – that opportunity hasn't existed for manufacturers," says Randy Altschuler, the company's co-founder and CEO. "And Xometry is a platform which unlocks that and allows all these manufacturers across the country, with tremendous skill sets and with billions of dollars invested in machinery, to use those skills and help customers all across the country."