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Chata Technologies raises $4.5 million, announces commercialization of new product BetaKit


Calgary-based Chata Technologies, which has developed a cloud-based conversational application allowing users to access, search, and analyze their business data through natural language, has raised a $4.5 million CAD seed round. "It's been very exciting to see the vast potential and profound implications of Conversational AI-based data interactions." The funding was raised from undisclosed local investors, with the round officially closing in August. The new capital will be put towards the research, development, and implementation of Chata Technologies' new product, Data Messenger, currently under the name Chata Technologies claims that the product is the first conversational interface designed specifically for data query and analysis.

Kelly Cherniwchan, Founder & CEO at -- Startup Calgary


We've created a conversational user interface (UI) that allows people to intuitively communicate with databases so they can get answers from their data quickly and easily. What does this look like in practice? We're focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses make their data work for them, so we've built our interface to facilitate data access and analysis through natural language processing and dynamic query building. In simpler terms, users can ask questions in their own words and get answers from the business software they use day-to-day, in real time. We believe that being able to understand and access your data can help you make strong decisions about your business.

Part of your job is being automated. And why that's a good thing.


It's been one year since my team and I began our journey into the online accounting ecosystem. I've been reflecting on our key observations and learnings since we started building our company. I'd be doing our bookkeeper and accountant (B/A's) partners a disservice if I didn't share some thoughts on technology advancements. On a day-to-day basis technology continues to disrupt both personal and professional lives. Many professions are forced to reimagine their business models or eventually become obsolete.

Canadian Company Chata Launches Conversational AI for Interfacing With Databases on Microsoft Azure


Chata has launched AutoQL on Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to deliver data on demand within their business applications and platforms. AutoQL is an API-first solution that dynamically translates natural language into SQL, so business users can interface with their data directly, simply by asking questions. Azure has one of the largest cloud data footprints in the world and provides products and services that allow businesses to efficiently build, run, and manage applications they've developed. Offering AutoQL on Azure paves the way for empowering every worker to access data at their fingertips, take action on insights, and successfully navigate this era of digital transformation. We have an incredible opportunity to transform the way people access information and make decisions every day.

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