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The 99-Seat Beat: A women's showcase, 'Henry V' and another serving of 'The Cake'

Los Angeles Times

Why this? Geoff Elliot and Julia Rodriguez-Elliot, the company's artistic directors, approach classics with bracing energy and playful contemporary touches, drawing out the connections between long-past eras and our own. In an L.A. Weekly article about A Noise Within's 2012 "Hamlet," Steven Leigh Morris wrote, "Goldstein's commitment to craft is a marvel, his mining of the text an eye opener." The character arc of the young Henry V -- who transforms himself from a bad boy to one of England's hunkiest heroes over the course of five action-packed acts -- should give this fearless actor plenty of grist for his mill.

Showcase: Kids and AI


Kids know more about the algorithms that serve up their YouTube videos than we may realize. Following a pilot inside Boston and Pittsburgh-area schools, researcher Blakeley Payne s hares what she has learned about talking to kids about tech.

Google News Showcase will offer some paywalled articles for free


As a Google News Showcase user, you'll soon have the chance to read some paywalled articles for free. Google News Showcase, in case you need a refresher, is a program and product Google announced in October. The company said it would invest $1 billion in partnerships with news publishers to curate high-quality content within Google News and other parts of its online footprint. As part of an update Google detailed today, the company said it will pay some publishers to offer a selection of their paid content through News Showcase. As a user, you'll need to register with the outlet letting you read one of its stories for free.