Failure to avert school shooting adds to pressure on FBI

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON – The revelation that the FBI botched a potentially life-saving tip on the Florida school shooting suspect is a devastating blow to America's top law enforcement agency at a time when it is already under extraordinary political pressure.

Kansas lawmakers pass school funding fix to avert shutdown

U.S. News

State Rep. Dan Hawkins, R-Wichita, along with the Kansas House Appropriations Committee, looks over their new school finance plan. The bill would direct some profits from the sale of the Kansas Bioscience Authority to the State General Fund so that it may be used for school equity.

US, China launch trade talks to avert tariff war

Al Jazeera

China is denying reports it has offered to buy $200bn in American goods as part of concessions to avert a trade war between the two countries. Delegations from the two sides are holding talks in Washington, DC.

Regulate artificial intelligence to avert cyber arms race


The United States and the United Kingdom are leading this initiative. Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain are also involved (see Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize this activity.

Japan's humble school lunch: social leveler and sacred cow

The Japan Times

On Oct. 25, the education department of Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, sent notices to the city's 30 elementary schools and 13 junior high schools saying that school lunches would not be served on Dec. 20 and Jan. 12. The reason, it said, was a sharp increase in the price of vegetables owing to bad weather this past summer. The budget was overburdened, and the department felt that the two days selected would have the least negative impact on students because Dec. 20 was the last school day of the year and Jan. 12 was the first school day of 2017, so schedules would be irregular anyway. This very local news received a fair amount of coverage in the national press, and some media called the city for further clarification. As it turns out, the hot lunch program for Suzuka's schools was running a net deficit.