CenturyLink's No Sweat Approach to AI Light Reading


"In the past, large volumes of data made us sweat". So said Pari Bajpay, vice president of Next Generation Enablement at CenturyLink, during a presentation titled "Can AI deliver its promise of a cost-effective, improved experience in telecom?" at the TM Forum's recent Digital Transformation World event in Nice. "We didn't have the networking, compute and storage capacity to cope. A lot of the data would be turned off and you would only work on the critical aspects of the data because what you had on the other end of it was humans that could not process such large volumes," noted Bajpay. However, as big data technology has matured, Bajpay and his team at CenturyLink have grappled with the issue and are now leveraging AI to extract more value from their data.

A Primer on Robotic Process Automation Best Practices


This is essential reading for those interested in incorporating robotics into their organization! Jonathan Padgett, VP, UiPath, talks to ReadITQuik about the many fascinating aspects of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how RPA can improve processes and drive efficiencies. Learn about how to select the best RPA provider and RPA best practices in this geektastic interview on one of the latest IT trends. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology integrates with the workforce to not only improve execution but also to tackle routine business processes. Think of a UiPath bot as a teleworker or virtual employee to which your employees can delegate repetitive (although necessary) tasks to free up your most valuable resources (your people) to focus on more strategic, creative and interpersonal work.

The road to automation, the joy of work, and the 'Jen problem'


Video: Robots challenge traditional economic analysis: Why raise wages? If someone told you productivity in the UK is at the lowest level since the 18th century, how would you react? Skepticism would be warranted, because that's actually not true. Still, it provided the backdrop for an in-depth discussion on productivity and the future of work in relation to technology with one of the people in the know. UiPath is among the leaders in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), with robots in this case being software robots configured to carry out repetitive tasks that humans previously handled.

Everything Will Be Accelerated in 2019


Leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, UiPath, issued its top five predictions for 2019 in Europe. The predictions are those that the UiPath automation experts believe will have the biggest impact on enterprises in Europe and beyond over the next 12 months. Acceleration of automation emerges as the dominant trend, along with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide transformative new cognitive capabilities. "We believe enterprise leaders in Europe and the Middle East will accelerate automation to achieve their digital transformation strategies in 2019," said Kulpreet Singh, MD, EMEA, UiPath. "RPA has one of the fastest rates of implementation in the history of technology and 2019 will see that exponential growth continue, diversify and reach new audiences."

This Is Your Office on AI: UiPath's Robotic Process Automation Software


Startup UiPath Offers Teams of AI Assistants to Help Manage Tedious Back Office Work. AI can now help you get a leg up on tedious office work. Just ask Param Kahlon, who is developing teams of bots that can make life easier in the workplace. Kahlon is chief product officer at UiPath, a pioneer in robotic process automation (RPA) software, which helps humans work with machines to automate aging software workflows. Now, AI-powered software bots can open these applications and handle it all.