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South Sudan Food Survey Sees 155,000 in Famine Within Months

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GENEVA (Reuters) - South Sudan is likely to return to famine within months, with 155,000 people likely to be in a catastrophic situation between May and July, a survey by a technical working group including South Sudanese and U.N. officials said on Monday.

Nigeria facing 'a famine unlike any we have ever seen'

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In this photo taken Monday Aug. 29, 2016, a woman with her malnourished children sit at a feeding centre run by Doctors Without Borders in Maiduguri, Nigeria. The whimpers from skeletally thin babies too weak to cry out are a harbinger of worse things to come: A quarter of the kids lucky enough to make it to this emergency feeding center are dying _ the latest victims of Boko Haram's Islamic insurgency.

What can be done to save millions facing famine?

Al Jazeera

Close to 20 million people in three African countries and Yemen are at risk of starvation. The UN secretary general says more than $4bn is needed within the next three weeks or many more will die. Antonio Guterres made an emergency visit to Somalia, where a national disaster has been declared because of drought. About half of the country's population faces severe food shortages. In South Sudan, famine has been declared in parts of the country.

UN Warns of Massive Famine if Yemen Blockade Isn't Lifted

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Mark Lowcock told reporters after briefing the Security Council on Wednesday that there must be an immediate resumption of regular air flights to the cities of Aden and Sanaa by the United Nations and its partner organizations and immediate access to all ports for food, fuel and medicine.