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20 Labor Day deals on home security: Cameras, safes, lighting, and more


After all, keeping a spare key under the doormat or inside a sculpture on your front yard just won't fly these days. If you want to truly protect yourself, your belongings, and your family, it's time to level up. This weekend, you can take 15% off all the security accessories you need with the code GOFORIT15. So yeah, go for it, take your pick. If you perpetually lose your keys, the Ultraloq Combo offers entry via biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or your smartphone, so you won't ever have to be locked out again.

15 home security camera sales to take advantage of ahead of Black Friday


Even if your WFH days are over, you're likely still ordering everything online. To make sure none of your packages go missing, it's about time you invest in a home security system. If that sounds expensive, know that it's actually a lot more affordable than you think. Ahead of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday events, the following security cameras are already on sale as of Nov. 1. Each one is reliable, easy-to-install, and can ultimately give you the peace of mind you've been missing. Scroll through and start shopping.

19 home security deals this weekend, including cameras, smart locks, and more


If you're on the hunt for an affordable home security system, know that Prime Day isn't the only time you can land a good deal. Below you'll find 19 of this weekend's best deals on all things home security, from security cameras to smart locks. They're all an additional 20% off for a limited time only: Just enter code OCTSALE20 to land the extra savings as of Oct. 10. The Sinji Pan Tilt Indoor Camera lets you see live videos of your home from any location via the device's companion app. Use the promo code OCTSALE20 to drop the price down to just $31 from its original $119.

20 smart home finds on sale this weekend


Didn't get the chance to score everything on your shopping list on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? You get a third chance to take advantage of deals and discounts this weekend. To get you started, here is a round-up of appliances and essentials (on sale as of Dec. 13) to make your home a touch smarter. From smart doorbells and smart cameras to smart diffusers and deodorizers, don't miss out on these sales. Whether you want your room to feel cozy and dark or sunny and bright, this bulb adjusts to your preferred illumination level and color.

Keep an eye on your home from afar with this affordable AI-powered security camera


TL;DR: Keep your home safe with this Blurams Home Pro Indoor Security Camera, available for $37.99 as of Aug. 18. Whether you're finally leaving your house more often or casually retreating back inside after your brief stint out in the world, you probably consider your home your safe haven after the last year plus. Not to mention, there's a good chance your office now resides in your home as well. To protect your precious space and those inside it, it's not a bad idea to invest in a security camera. There's no need to pay a ton of money to keep an eye on your home -- especially since the Blurams Home Pro Indoor Security Camera is on sale.