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Watch A Hydraulic Press Crush Dynamite

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An explosive combination you'd be hard-pressed to beat Hydraulic Press Channel goes after everyone's favorite explosive: dynamite. Dynamite is one of those things you feel the need to be extra delicate with, so of course the folks at Hydraulic Press Channel wanted to see what happens if you put it under a press and crank it. Apparently there's such a thing as a portable hydraulic press, and our heroes and their Youtube channel took one out into a field and put a couple of sticks of dynamite to the press test. The good news: dynamite is a little more crush-resistant than you might have expected. But don't worry: the video still delivers on your desperate need to see an explosion.

'Hydraulic Press Channel' gets YouTube award for 100K subscribers and then promptly crushes it


Over the last year, the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has seen its following explode -- much like nearly everything put under a hydraulic press. Due to the channel's success, YouTube awarded Lauri Vuohensilta with a commemorative Silver Play button plaque. Naturally, he decided to crush it. The channel currently has over a million subscribers, which means it will be receiving a Gold Play button shortly. Can't imagine its fate will be very different.

Hydraulic Press Youtube Channel Branches Out Into Solar Death Rays

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The sensational Hydraulic Press Youtube channel has branched out beyond the wonders of crushing things in a hydraulic press. Now, they're getting into death rays on a new channel named'Beyond The Press'. That's solar-powered death rays to be precise. In the video above, Lauri Vuohensilta builds a solar death ray out of a satellite dish and some stick-on mirrors, assisted by his wife and adorable cat. The initial demonstration is cool, but not overwhelming--a stick of wood burns and a clay bird melts, but in the video Vuohensilta notes that they were experimenting later in the afternoon when the sun was not as strong.

Watch A Hydraulic Press Crush A Hydraulic Press Crush A Hydraulic Press

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The neat and noisy Hydraulic Press Channel has been crushing it on YouTube lately, showing us what happens when you put random objects inside a hydraulic press. Bowling balls shatter, hockey pucks blow a gasket, and fruit salad makes a mess. But today the pressers have decided to go a bit meta, crushing a hydraulic press inside a hydraulic press inside a hydraulic press. Watch (and listen!) to the video above for the effects--it's pretty amazing. It's a cool video, but watching metal frames bend like flower stems isn't as explosively exciting as watching that hydraulic press fold a piece of paper.

Will the iPhone 7 stand the hydraulic press test?


After a grueling nine days since its announcement, consumers can finally get their hands on Apple's brand new iPhone 7. Although the highly anticipated blend test has yet to be released, the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube was able to get its very own sparkling iPhone 7. While almost nothing can stand the force of the hydraulic press, there's something extremely entertaining about watching a beautiful piece of technology get smashed into a pancake. The stories behind the haunting effects in'The Thing' Sure seems like Calvin Harris calls Taylor Swift'two faced' in his new song