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Hiring a new Fund Director


We are looking for a forward-thinking leader in the technology and civil society space in Europe. As the Fund Director steering this initiative, you will strengthen, cultivate and help to grow this funder partnership by acting as the liaison between the Network for European Foundations and the donors that contribute to the fund. You will empower the civil society organisations you work with to identify, design, and implement grants and convenings that address issues at the intersection of technology and society. There is a slight preference for this position to be based in Belgium. For the right candidate, we are able to offer a consultancy arrangement in the jurisdictions of the European Union or the United Kingdom.

Fight is on for the rock stars of artificial intelligence


Governments, corporations and even technology vendors are all grappling with major opportunities and challenges emerging as artificial intelligence moves from the lab into the boardroom.

AI is rapidly changing the role of the CFO.


If you don't know Eli Fathi, you will soon. He's the dynamic co-founder and CEO of MindBridge Analytics, an AI-powered auditing platform for accounting firms and auditors that is changing the way we ingest, process and analyze financial data. Eli is also a successful serial entrepreneur and an AI thought-leader in Canada. We recently sat down with him to get his thoughts on what Canadian finance leaders need to be thinking about when it comes to AI. The reality is, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming deeply ingrained in the fabric of society.

Samsung scoops up AI talent in UK


Korean tech giant Samsung has announced a major investment in artificial intelligence research in the UK. The company is to open an AI research lab in Cambridge, in a move that has been welcomed by the prime minister. The lab will join other Samsung centres dedicated to the topic, based in Moscow and Toronto. The technology is now seen as key to competing in many industries. The UK has been a hotspot for AI research.

Can AI help with your quest for global talent? - Information Age


The recruitment process has come a long way since the days of paper CVs. Thanks to a decade-long digital transformation, online job sites, virtual portfolios, and even Skype interviews are now staples in global talent acquisition, but could artificial intelligence (AI) elevate the hiring landscape and take the recruitment process one step further? AI has become somewhat of a buzzword lately. When we think of AI, we often think of human-like robots which can mimic our behaviour (and potentially take over the world someday). However, although artificially intelligent robots do exist, the term AI typically applies to any self-learning machine that can analyse data and provide insights that make us smarter, more efficient and better at the things we do every day.