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"Whenever you are about to be oppressed, you have a right to resist oppression: whenever you conceive yourself to be oppressed, conceive yourself to have a right to make resistance, and act accordingly. In proportion as a law of any kind--any act of power, supreme or subordinate, legislative, administrative, or judicial, is unpleasant to a man, especially if, in consideration of such its unpleasantness, his opinion is, that such act of power ought not to have been exercised, he of course looks upon it as oppression: as often as anything of this sort happens to a man--as often as anything happens to a man to inflame his passions,--this article, for fear his passions should not be sufficiently inflamed of themselves, sets itself to work to blow the flame, and urges him to resistance. Submit not to any decree or other act of power, of the justice of which you are not yourself perfectly convinced. If a constable call upon you to serve in the militia, shoot the constable and not the enemy;--if the commander of a press-gang trouble you, push him into the sea--if a bailiff, throw him out of the window. If a judge sentence you to be imprisoned or put to death, have a dagger ready, and take a stroke first at the judge."

How Long Until You Are Standing at Your Desk? Autonomous SmartDesk Knows It Won't be Long

Forbes - Tech

I first encountered a guy standing at his desk several decades ago, when I was a fresh-faced attorney at Disney. One of my colleagues had ordered a lectern to do his contract drafting, and he said it was for health reasons, sitting for a long time was simply too painful. Over the years I have seen more folks standing, but most folks who work in an office fly their desk from a seated position. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January I was intrigued with Autonomous, whose cost-effective booth was actually a couple dozen desks. I have been trying their SmartDesk for over a month, and I like it.

The Basics of DAO (Autonomous Organization) in Blockchain


Do you know Blockchain can run a completely automated decentralized democratic organization which will be controlled by token holders like share holders in real incorporations. In this course I will teach you what is Decentralized Autonomous Organization (aka DAO) in Blockchain. Technologies like ethereum have enabled anyone create and run the DAO. People have created a very large DAO and managed to raise big size of funding through crowdsale. In this course we will teach you the know how of the DAO, what is DAO, how they work, how they vote, how they operate etc.

Purdue to Launch Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center

U.S. News

The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that the Innovation Hub for Connected and Autonomous Transportation Technologies will be part of the university's Discovery Park. The 40-acre (16.2-hectare) complex is used by the school's STEM undergraduate students, graduate-level researchers and faculty.

Managing the autonomous evolution - Businessday NG


Humans are now generating an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day, with more data being created in the past two years than in all of human history. Managing this growing flood is complex and the task comes with a high level of responsibility. The 24/7 requirements on business and huge security challenges mean that'manual" management is no longer an option. Particularly when combined together they will let businesses manage and get value from their information more easily, effectively, and with less effort. One technology in particular that is unlocking new levels of value is the autonomous database.