Cruise Line Incident Report shows uptick in sexual assault accusations during summer months

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Did you know that all cruise line ships have morgues aboard? Or that people can actually purchase a retirement property on a cruise ship? Take a look at some other fun facts that you may not have known. A report released by the U.S. Department of Transportation last week has shown an uptick in alleged sexual assaults and other serious crimes reported on several cruise liners over the summer. The Cruise Line Incident Report shared data from "alleged criminal activity" occurring aboard 12 different cruise lines between July 1 through September 30.

2 American cruise ship passengers disappear after stop in Jamaica

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Police asked for help Thursday in their search for two American cruise ship passengers who disappeared while their ship was docked in Trelawny, Jamaica, according to local media reports. Hayden Gerson, 33, and Alisha Frank, 32, left the unidentified vessel Tuesday morning around 9:30 a.m. Police said Frank wore a red short skirt and red open-back blouse while Gerson had light-colored shorts and a grey shirt on. They did not give any other details. The couple's disappearance came one week after a cruise ship left a couple stranded in the Bahamas while it sailed off with their children on board, New York Post reports.

A sea journey on which you don't gain weight? Bring it on -- and these do

Los Angeles Times

They assume they're going to gain 8 pounds by the time it's over. It can be a challenge to resist the bountiful buffets, rich desserts and rum drinks with tiny umbrellas. But some people, such as Dawn Tracey of Los Angeles, embark on a cruise to stay in shape. Tracey spent a week sailing in the Mediterranean two years ago on a yoga-fitness cruise that she loved so much that she did it again last summer and plans to set sail again this year. "I'd heard most cruises were giant buffets, and I didn't want that," she said.

Helicopters sent to rescue over 1,000 passengers, crew from stricken cruise ship off west Norwegian coast

The Japan Times

HELSINKI - Rescue workers off Norway's western coast on Saturday rushed to evacuate 1,300 passengers and crew from a disabled cruise ship by helicopter, winching them one-by-one to safety as heaving waves tossed the ship from side to side and high winds battered the operation. The Viking Sky issued a mayday call as bad weather hit and engine problems caused it to start drifting toward the rocky shore, the Norwegian newspaper VG reported. Police in the western county of Moere og Romsdal said the crew, fearing the ship would run aground, managed to anchor in Hustadvika Bay, between the Norwegian cities of Alesund and Trondheim, so the evacuations could take place. Rescue teams with five helicopters and boats were sent to evacuate the cruise ship under extremely difficult circumstances, including gusts up to 38 knots (43 mph) and waves over 8 meters (26 feet). The area is known for its rough, frigid waters.

Cruise ship stranded off Norway's coast reaches port after harrowing helicopter rescues

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The rough waters are preventing life boats from getting close to the ship. A cruise ship reached the Norwegian port of Molde on Sunday a day after the crew issued a mayday call that led to hundreds of passengers being airlifted to safety. The Viking Sky limped into the port on Sunday accompanied by tug boats after the harrowing ordeal that sent furniture in the vessel smashing into walls, glass flying, pieces of the ceiling crashing down as passengers and crewmembers held on while the ship rocked side to side. The ship was carrying 1,373 passengers and crew members when it had engine trouble in an unpredictable area of Norway's western coast known for rough, frigid waters. The crew issued a mayday call Saturday afternoon.