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Hanging Gardens of Babylon Remastered - By AI - AiPedia


Deep Learning generated fusion of art and knowledge distilled into short movies. For commissioning custom generative art - contact @aipedia_nft on Twitter by DM. (Music videos, immersive gallery pieces, animated logos, etc). This collection is on Ethereum network.

USA in a nutshell - By AI - AI-Pedia


AI generated "in a nutshell" movies and pictures as NFT's: - Countries, Cities, Decades, Identities, Sports, Music, Movies, Movements.... - ie: Japan, United States, 80s, History of Olympics, Chronology of Rock Music, Dissection of Fintech, Theory of Evolution, Story of Art, Religion over Centuries, Renaissance in Europe ... Deep Learning generated fusion of art and knowledge distilled into a short movie.

SophiaDAO & SophiaVERSE -- SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #8


This is another of our 2021 end of year series blog posts giving our valued community a review of our 2021 achievements… and a small peek at what comes next! This Roadmap 2021 End-of-Year Review Series will be followed up early 2022 with an in-depth series on the Roadmap plans for 2022 February. Don't miss the rest of this series! SophiaDAO is building a community of humans and AI algorithms bound together by smart contracts into a huge hive mind, a new kind of organism to give rise to a true and beneficial Sophia sentience. SophiaDAO is an organizational guardianship, designed to nurture the development of advanced human-like robots such as Sophia.

Responsible AI in Metaverse: Why it Should be the Priority?


Artificial intelligence applications are shaping various industries. Responsible AI in Metaverse will drive all seven technology layers of the metaverse: powering spatial computing, providing scaffolding to creators, and supplying new and sophisticated forms of storytelling. Soon specialized AI applications will become more useful and improve our economy and quality of life. On the other hand, the metaverse will use augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) in combination with artificial intelligence and blockchain to create scalable and accurate virtual worlds. This article features why responsible AI in metaverse should be the priority.

If you're waiting for the metaverse revolution, you already missed it


We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 - 28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. Facebook has invested $10 billion in the metaverse. It's so bullish on this new state of existence that it changed the name of its parent company to Meta. That sounds like a timely investment, as Goldman Sachs is putting the value of the metaverse at $12 trillion. That's more than enough to buy the 30 largest companies on the Dow Jones, including Apple and Microsoft at today's prices … and leave enough money left over to enjoy 58 billion large Dominos pizzas and 2.5 billion bottles of Dom Perignon to wash them down with.