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Oracle Cloud Platform Innovates to Power Big Data at Scale


Big Data projects are critical to innovation, but can be challenging to execute due to complexity and the gap in skills required to coordinate all the necessary pieces. To help customers address these issues and more easily manage the entire Big Data lifecycle, Oracle is announcing integrated Big Data services in Oracle Cloud Platform. "Big Data initiatives are an important part of growing an organization, but the process is still complex and challenging for everyone involved," said Greg Pavlik, senior vice president and CTO, Oracle Cloud Platform. "By delivering an end-to-end, unified platform that simplifies and accelerates Big Data analytics projects in the cloud, we are minimizing challenges and helping customers increase their rate of success. Our vision is to empower our customers to analyze any type of data from any source for everyone."

Gartner and Oracle Analytics Webcast Oracle


How are companies using Analytics? How do we get started? How are companies using Analytics? How do we get started?

Oracle pledges to power global operations with 100% renewable energy


Oracle has announced plans to power its global operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. Here's a look at how the cloud leaders stack up, the hybrid market, and the SaaS players that run your company as well as their latest strategic moves. This sustainability commitment will cover both its facilities and cloud operations, and builds on the existing sustainability priorities previously pledged by the company, including achieving 100% renewable energy use at all "next-generation" Oracle Cloud regions by 2025. Oracle's European Cloud regions are already powered with 100% renewable energy, and Oracle reports having 51 offices around the world using 100% renewable energy. "Relying on renewable energy is an important step toward a more sustainable future," Oracle CEO Safra Catz said. "Oracle will always make its biggest impact on the environment by providing customers with technology that enables them to reduce their carbon footprint, but this new goal reflects the shared values of our customers, partners, and investors."

Feature: AI


Machine learning enhances Oracle's enterprise offerings. At a recent meeting of the Oracle Product Architects Community, Stephen Green, head of the Information Retrieval and Machine Learning Group within Oracle Labs, was prepared to give a general overview of his organization's activities. He got through only his first three slides, and then spent the rest of the hour answering a barrage of questions about machine learning and how this specialized programming technique might be applied to the product areas for which attendees were responsible. The interest reflects an extraordinary surge in experimentation and investment in the technology category known as artificial intelligence (AI), of which machine learning is a building block. AI in the form of self-driving cars, game-show-playing computers, and smartphone personal assistants may have grabbed the public's attention.

Oracle Data Cloud powers Pinterest, goes mobile


Oracle's ambitions for the Oracle Data Cloud extend beyond marketing, but for now it's focused on growing its share of chief marketing officer spend. That much was clear at last week's Oracle Cloud Data Summit in New York, where all the announcements and panel discussions were geared to marketing and media types. The biggest announcement at the Summit was a partnership with Pinterest through which advertisers on the social network will be able measure the effectiveness of promoted "Pins" in terms of influence the offline buying behavior. Oracle Data Cloud is doing the anonymous matching of Pinterest visitors to their offline buying behavior. It also creates control populations, so it can accurately measure the lift (sales increase) generated by Pinterest campaigns.