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Chatbots Go Vertical with the Help of Microsoft and Salesforce -- Chatbots Magazine


Yesterday, customer service support platform Helpshift announced that it has raised 23 million venture funding to expand its platform. In the announcement, Helpshift makes it clear that it will start leveraging modern chatbot technologies to improve and automate the interactions between brand and customers. The round included two new strategic investors which are themselves very invested in the chatbot market: Microsoft and Salesforce. Helpshift's funding round is a great example of chatbot solutions starting to get traction in vertical markets. In the last years, chatbots have become one of the hottest trends in the technology market with technology giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft releasing new platforms in the space.

Eight Things Differentiating Rasa From Other Chatbot Platforms


While I was building prototypes with different chatbot platforms and environments, I saw clear patterns starting to emerge. One could see how most platforms have a very similar approach to Conversational AI. Even though one might lead the other in certain elements, each were trying to solve common problems in a very similar fashion. In this pursuit of solving Conversational AI problems, Rasa stands alone in many areas with their unique approach. Here are eight things they do differently, and do exceptionally well.

7 Ways Chatbots Can Benefit Your Marketing Strategy


Chatbots, computer programs that mimic conversation with people by using artificial intelligence, "can transform the way you interact with the internet, from a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation," The Guardian declared last year. Chatbots have been in use a long time, albeit in different forms. The automated customer-service robots that help navigate you through those seemingly endless phone trees when you call an 800 number were an early form of chatbots. So were the fake accounts that used to spam you on AOL Instant Messenger back in the opening days of the 2000s. Today, chatbots are much more sophisticated and make use of some pretty high-level artificial intelligence (AI).

Chatbot Benefits your Business Should not Miss in 2020


This is because of the fact that the customers can place their queries without any timing or geographical constraints. Grievance solving is one of the significant parts of web-based customer interactions. If you are facing difficulties in meeting the expected response rates of the customers or the increasing quantity of grievances is bothering your customer service team, this article will provide hands-on insight in Chatbot integration to address the issue. Also, buckle up to understand the financial incentives of doing so. Let us start with the basics.

AI chatbots are overhyped and unimpressive, say developers - TechRepublic


The Facebook Messenger platform boasts thousands of bots. Remember when AI-driven chatbots promised to be THE NEXT BIG THING? Yes, that was last week. And, yes, the hype has already subsided into an impotent whimper. At least, that's what new developer data from VisionMobile reveals.