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Microsoft Dynamics 365 now offers service chatbots as part of AI push


Microsoft is tapping the power of AI to provide customers of its Dynamics 365 business applications suite with new features. The company announced a series of capabilities at its Ignite conference today focused on bringing intelligence to business processes, including a pre-built chatbot designed to field customer service queries. Customers including HP and Macy's are already using the new chatbot to help handle customer queries so that people can get their responses faster. Microsoft plans to release more of these AI-powered features in the future, though the company didn't offer any insight into what those would be. For those customers who don't want to buy a whole Dynamics 365 bundle, Microsoft is splitting up its products into modules that can be purchased individually on a subscription basis.

Microsoft announces intelligent virtual agent to transform customer care industry - MSPoweruser


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they have started using intelligent virtual agent for Microsoft Support customer care in the US. At Ignite conference this week, Microsoft revealed that their virtual agent is now handling over 650,000 sessions per week, also it is increasing both customer and support agent satisfactions. Microsoft is now opening up this technology to other organisations through Dynamics 365 AI solutions. HP Inc. and Macy's are now trying out this solution for their respective customer care effort through Early Access Program. "HP is reinventing the support experience by empowering our customers to easily solve a broad range of issues on their own," said Jon Flaxman, Chief Operating Officer, HP Inc. "Microsoft's advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities enables HP Customer Service to deliver and manage these self-service solutions efficiently and with more precision."

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 April '19 Update: What's new


Microsoft made available today its 315 pages of release notes for its Dynamics 365 April '19 update, outlining new features it will roll out for its ERP, CRM, Mixed Reality and Power Platform between April and September 2019. The notes mention "hundreds of new capabilities" across the various Dynamics 365 modules, with a special focus on those features Microsoft labels as "artificial intelligence." The preview of the first of these April '19 capabilities will be available on February 1, 2019. On February 21, Microsoft officials are planning to update the release notes with Project Service Automation and other so-far-undisclosed "additional apps and capabilities." On April 5, the April '19 update will be availbale to customers for production deployment.

Microsoft previews what's coming in Dynamics 365 this October


Microsoft is making available today 238 pages of release notes for its upcoming October 2018 releases of its Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM applications. Microsoft execs said last month that the company is moving toward a twice-annual update schedule for its Dynamics 365 Online apps -- in April and October, which are around the same time that it currently delivers the twice-yearly Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10 feature updates. The Fall updates to Dynamics 365 will roll out between October 2018 and March 2019, officials said. Officials recently disclosed that Microsoft planned to make these notes available during the company's Business Applications Summit in Seattle, which kicks off today, July 23. The coming October update includes more than a hundred incremental updates to the core Dynamics Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Portals, Omni-channel Engagement Hub, Field Service,Project Service, Social Engagement, Finance and Operations, Talent, Retail, and Business Central products and services.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for 26.2 billion ZDNet


Microsoft is buying social-networking site LinkedIn in an all-cash transaction for 26.2 billion, company officials announced June 13. The move fits in with Microsoft's increasing push to focus on business customers. Founded in 2002, Mountain View, Calif.-based LinkedIn had approximately 400 million users in 2015. The company provides a social network alternative for finding professional and work connections, sharing resumes and potentially finding new posts. According to the press release, Jeff Weiner will remain CEO of LinkedIn, reporting to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.