Nokia-branded Android phones will return to the market


Instead a group of former Microsoft executives have formed a company called HMD global, which will use Nokia branding in a new line of Android smartphones and tablets. HMD signed an agreement with Nokia Technologies which allows the brand licensing. This will certainly give the new devices a higher profile than if they were under an unknown label. The Helsinki-based HMD didn't offer any specifics about when such phones and tablets would launch or what the pricing would be. The move further distances Nokia from Microsoft (whose own future with Lumia devices is rather uncertain).

Kosovo to Tax International Branded Goods Made in Serbia

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Kosovo government has extended the 100 percent tariff to all international brand goods which are produced in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

LeBron: No statement by not staying at Trump-branded hotel

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James said it was the first time in his career he hasn't stayed with his team, though he said he rode the bus to the morning shootaround as usual with the squad.

Experts say AI set to transform branded content


Brands will be required to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and other forms of advancing tech to deliver engaging content that is highly relevant to consumers. Marketing experts claim that both AI and personalisation will be key to providing an "individualised experience" and maximising every single engagement in a "noisy world." Consumers now have access to a wealth of articles, news and videos across online and social platforms, so it is critical that brands stand out from the crowd by optimising their content marketing campaigns at the granular level to remain relevant. This will require a focus on greater personalisation as marketers attempt to deliver the right message at exactly the right time. AI can support these aims, as it allows brands to analyse demographical and behavioural data to determine the content formats that end users will enjoy and engage with.