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If Trump Wants to Fix Infrastructure, He Has to Learn From These Projects


President-elect Donald Trump wants to update America's crumbling infrastructure. While it remains to be seen how he will finance his ambitious building spree, there is great potential for innovation beyond the (very necessary) repair of highways, bridges, tunnels, utilities, and rail lines, most of which were built more than half a century ago. The best projects are more than practical, they're versatile amenities that reinvigorate communities. The more congested cities become, and the further their inhabitants retreat into their bubbles, the more important these connective civic spaces become. Here are some examples that hit the mark.

Bullock Takes a Last Shot at Passing Infrastructure Package

U.S. News

Several projects are back in the bill after failing to pass over the three legislative sessions since Bullock took office. Some Republican lawmakers have rejected the idea of putting the state in debt to pay for infrastructure, while others are reluctant to pay for state buildings over what they call rural Montana's critical infrastructure needs.

Japan to up infrastructure aid to developing nations to 200 billion

The Japan Times

The government plans to expand financial assistance for infrastructure improvement and resources development in emerging countries, mainly in Asia and Africa, to 200 billion over the next five years, it was learned Friday. Tokyo earlier unveiled a plan to extend 110 billion over five years to help Asian countries build high-quality infrastructure. By expanding the funding, the government apparently aims to boost its contribution to the global economy and tap infrastructure demand in developing countries, informed sources said. Ahead of the two-day summit of the Group of Seven major industrial nations in Mie Prefecture, from Thursday, the government is set to unveil the stepped-up aid plan at Monday's meeting of its council on economic and infrastructure support for developing countries, the sources said. At the Ise-Shima summit, leaders from the seven countries -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States -- plus the European Union are expected to discuss, among other things, the importance of high-quality infrastructure investment and energy development.

Homeland Security classifies election infrastructure as critical


The Department of Homeland Security has officially classified election systems as critical infrastructure in order to keep them safe from tampering. Election infrastructure includes storage facilities, polling places, voter registration databases, voting machines and other systems that help manage the election process and report and display its results. DHS' announcement came after US intelligence confirmed that Russia influenced the presidential elections, mostly by hacking into the country's computers. If you'll recall, cyberattackers infiltrated not just the Democratic National Committee's machines, but also over 20 states' election systems. However, none of the machines that were compromised were used for vote tallying.

Participatory Semantics for Multi-Agent Systems

AAAI Conferences

Participations occupy region8 of space.time. Roughly, our approach deals with concuz'rency by explicitly accounting for the arrangement of distributed activity in space-time. It deals with acalability in size by accounting for nested hierarchies of space-time regions. Participations are annotated and related through attribulio . Multiple participants may make attributions (plurality). New attributions can be added at any time (openness). Meanings are to be negotiated. Participations and attributions are software components which implement certain interfaces and protocols.