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The blockchain is one of the technologies to watch in the years to come. Fintech should continue to dictate changes in the financial industry by focusing on emerging... Over the last three days, the total volume of market capitalization has grown by another $100... In a conversation with Fox Business, Jamie Dimon acknowledged that the technology of blocking... The blockchain is one of the technologies to watch in the years to come.

Fintech Revolution: Top Technology Trends Transforming the Fintech Sector


Fintech, or financial technology, is causing quite a stir in the Indian financial services ecosystem due to its rapid development. Its revolution has piqued interest as technological advancements radically alter the financial services industry. As a result, financial technology is becoming increasingly effective in giving firms relative performance improvement. Over the last few years, the Indian Fintech industry has experienced tremendous growth. Paytm, Pine Labs, PayU, and Faircent are only a few of the many Fintech startups that have sprung up in India recently.

What's the Best Way to Get Into Financial Technology as a Student?

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There are so many ways you can educate yourself as a student about the Blockchain/Fintech space. This technology is so new and there are so many great minds working on it that you can still get in almost on the ground floor and teach yourself the basics. There are great books, like Nathaniel Popper's "Digital Gold," or the Tapscotts' "Blockchain Revolution." Start there, get the history and the basics of the technology, and then get involved in one of the community groups where people are actually doing the building on these systems. If you're at a school that has a Fintech club, join it.

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Blockchain could very well be the technology of the future. It's gaining ground among businesses and financial providers because of its ability to record information across multiple systems, which improves transparency and security while reducing the risk of data tampering or loss. Similarly, blockchain may be used to solve ethics and bias issues in regards to machine learning and AI algorithms. Here's a great lineup of gift ideas and resources to get you started. With the rise of big data and fintech, blockchain will play a pivotal role in our economy moving forward, so learning how blockchain works and how it can be applied will help you stand out on the job market.

What is FinTech?


FinTech or financial technology is one of the pillars of our modern financial system. You can think of FinTech as any software and algorithm designed to improve financial services. In most instances, these protocols include automation and other streamlining technologies. Importantly, FinTech developments usually represent a shift from traditional systems over to more inclusive or efficient alternatives. Today, FinTech is at the forefront of our modern economics.