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Make sure pet gets fed, even when your stupid boss makes you stay late at work


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Getting stuck at work sucks. But getting stuck at work when you're a pet owner is even worse: not only are you missing dinner, but you have to imagine your hungry little pal waiting for you at home. While we can't do anything about your annoying boss who keeps making last-minute demands, we can help make sure your pupper or cat-friend never misses a meal. The PetSafe automatic dog and cat feeder lets you feed your furry friend from anywhere using your smartphone.

Content squirrel takes a victory nap immediately after feast


As a squirrel, finding an easily accessible bird feeder is the ultimate and easy way to score a quick meal. Well, this squirrel enjoyed its meal a little too much. SEE ALSO: Feel the Burn?: STD clinic lifts Bernie Sanders' slogan Submitted to Reddit's r/pics by anonymuscles, the lucky and hungry little rodent ate so much bird feed that it passed out right on the feeder, like a food coma that typically follows a holiday centered around eating. But could you blame the poor little fella? Usually modern day bird feeders have built-in protection in order to deter squirrels from stealing all the food.

Let a new robotic ball play with your lonely pet when you aren't home


Gosh!'s new easyPlay pet ball is either your dog's new best friend, or its greatest nightmare. The easyPlay is a goofy little robotic ball that lets pet owners play with their animals while away from home via smartphone app. A feeder lets users store treats and program feedings up to three times throughout the day, accompanied by a pre-recorded voice message alerting your pet to snack time. The food encourages play, as treat won't fall out until the pet knocks the ball around a few times. The robot also features a camera so users can watch their pets interact with the ball and a two-way speaker system so that users can speak to their pets and hear them react.

My cat and I are obsessed with this automatic pet feeder—here's why

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As a pet owner, illness and injury are the primary causes for concern, but the word "diet" is a very close third. Food is a natural way to express love for our pets, but, as with most things, moderation is key. When I had to put my cat on a diet, the Cat Mate C500 automatic pet feeder (which won an award in our best automatic pet feeders roundup) was my secret weapon when it came to reducing tension around meal times and cutting down on instances of my cat begging for food when it wasn't dinner time. Before I got this feeder and started being more strict about my cat's feeding times, every hour turned into a battle between my willpower and my cat's ability to meow pleadingly. As you might guess, on most days, it was a pitched battle.

Petnet SmartFeeder review: Robot pet feeder meets smartphone app with mostly good results


When I first heard about the Petnet SmartFeeder, I bristled. How could something so basic as feeding a pet be in search of a smart solution? I deposit a half-cup of dry kibble in my dog's bowl twice daily--done and done. Is no human endeavor sacred? I can see that there are times when an automatic pet feeder makes sense: an unpredictable work schedule, say, or an impromptu invite, either of which could step on the toes of your pet's meal time.