Chat Translation: NTT Docomo Debuts First Speech-to-Speech Translation App

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If you've ever been struggling with a foreign language dictionary abroad, wishing that you could simply speak into a machine and have your chat translated for you, NTT (News - Alert) Docomo may be ready to make your wish come true. The company, which is Japan's number one cell phone carrier is about to begin offering a new real-time speech-to-speech translation service that you can use both in person and over the phone during a call, according to According to Japanese news services, the solution is the first automated chat translation service in the world that is available on a standard cell phone. The new product combines several cutting-edge technologies: advanced speech recognition, machine translation and text-to-speech conversion of the translated results, says The services to power the solution will be cloud-based, says NTT Docomo.

AppTek Expands its Talk2Me Brand to Include Speech-to-Speech Translati


AppTek, a leader of automatic speech recognition (ASR), machine learning and artificial intelligence, today announces the newest mobile application addition to its Talk2Me product suite: Talk2Me Mobile. The speech-to-speech translation app, now available for free on iOS and Android markets, is used for instantaneous bi-directional Spanish/English and Arabic/English translations. In addition to live speech-to-speech translation, the app supports the ability to record, transcribe and archive content for future offline use. Whether for customer service calls, interviews, conference calls, web conferences or peer-to-peer conversations, Talk2Me converts audio and video assets into searchable, actionable data to help organizations draw comprehensive insights and transform the way people and businesses operate. "Our advances in speech technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence are lowering the barrier for people and businesses to effectively navigate, retrieve and transact across multiple languages," stated AppTek's CEO, Adam Sutherland.

Amazing Google AI speaks another language in your voice


On Wednesday, Google unveiled Translatotron, an in-development speech-to-speech translation system. It's not the first system to translate speech from one language to another, but Google designed Translatotron to do something other systems can't: retain the original speaker's voice in the translated audio. In other words, the tech could make it sound like you're speaking a language you don't know -- a remarkable step forward on the path to breaking down the global language barrier. According to Google's AI blog, most speech-to-speech translation systems follow a three-step process. First they transcribe the speech.