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When will AI bots replace virtual assistants? Information Age


In the early days of the Information Age, people who wanted to interact with a computer had to learn to speak its language, like Fortran or BASIC. Today's devices are learning to speak our language -- not perfectly, but well enough to conduct a Google search, schedule an appointment or order a pizza. And smart devices seem to get smarter every day. Does that mean bots with artificial intelligence (AI) will soon replace virtual assistants -- human beings located offsite who provide executive support? We're not there yet, if a recent survey by Creative Strategies is any indication.

Blog: Contrasting Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Customer Engagement Sales AI Assistants Conversica


When attending trade shows and conferences supporting Conversica, a question I am frequently asked is whether Conversica's Intelligent Virtual Assistant for customer engagement is "a chatbot." And while I can understand the source of the question, I emphatically stress that Conversica is not a chatbot. A more cynical reader might assume that this differentiation is little more than branding. But I can assure you there are very real differences between what the Conversica Sales AI Assistant offers and what chatbot providers deliver. Each technology has its place and purpose, but neither is synonymous with the other.

Google Assistant On iPhone: Company Wants To Bring Virtual Assistant To Other Smartphones

International Business Times

If Google has its way, it might be bringing its virtual assistant to other smartphone platforms. In an interview at Mobile World Congress, Gummi Hafsteinsson -- product management director at Google -- said it wants to port Google's virtual assistant to competing smartphones according to a report from Geekster. "I do not think we have anything to announce at this point," Hafsteinsson said. "But I think the general philosophy is that we would like to have the Assistant available to as many people as possible." Hafsteinsson's statement followed Google confirming that Google Assistant would be available on Android TV and Android Auto platforms.

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Virtual Assistants


However, they soon find out they have neither the time nor stamina for such a feat. Faced with this realization, in 2017 most of them turn to the idea of hiring a virtual assistant to help them out. In most cases, we are talking about a self-employed remote worker who assumes the role of your personal assistant. The advantages of this are numerous. First of all, you save money by not hiring a full-time employee.

Nuance launches new AI-powered virtual assistant to streamline clinical workflows


Building on its long history of powering virtual assistants for many of the leading consumer and automotive brands in the world, including American Airlines, Amtrak, Audi, Barclay's, BMW, Citi, Delta, Domino's, FedEx, Ford, and GM, Nuance Communications, Inc. today unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual assistant solution designed specifically for healthcare providers. Leveraging its extensive experience in healthcare, Nuance's new Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant will further streamline a wide variety of clinical workflows for the 500,000 clinicians that already rely on Dragon Medical every day for their clinical documentation. Based upon the award-winning Nuance Virtual Assistant platform, the Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant will deliver sophisticated conversational dialogues and pre-built capabilities that automate high-value clinical workflows. This solution directly addresses the belief by 80% of 10,000 U.S. clinicians surveyed by Nuance that virtual assistants would drastically change healthcare by the end of 2018. "Technology needs to be unobtrusive and support the process of providing high quality patient care--not get in the way," said David Y. Ting, MD, CMIO, Massachusetts General Physicians Organization.