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Education And Artificial Intelligence to Drive The Future Of Video Marketing


With predictions that video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, it is not surprising that marketers are moving away from traditional display ads and investing in a stronger video offering that offers much more engaging and captivating experiences for brands. But how can marketers ensure such investment is directed in a way that enables them to prepare to profit from this growth? In such a crowded market, content developers will have to work hard to stand out from the crowd, delivering engaging and creative content as audiences' expectations become even more sophisticated. Audience apathy is an ongoing concern, with Havas' '2017 Meaningful Brands' study showing that 60% of consumers see content created by brands as clutter that has little impact on their lives. This means that the industry needs to adapt to understand the importance of optimizing ad placements and maximizing the relevancy of the message to the viewer.

Why You Need to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy


Have you been considering include video in your marketing strategy? Keep scrolling to learn why you should invest in it as part of a well rounded and effective marketing strategy! Over the last few years, video's popularity has grown so dramatically that it cemented itself as part of a business marketing strategy that you can't ignore. With a little creativity and a well thought out plan, videos can help a brand (such as yours) stand out from the rest with a unique and unforgettable voice, capturing and holding the attention of an audience while providing useful information. Add onto that the numerous ways you can now share video, from YouTube to social media and beyond, video in your marketing strategy is a no brainer.

4 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Learn About and Invest In


Digital marketing is a term that is heading toward becoming obsolete as marketing technology and digital tools take a much more significant role for brands. Digital marketing skills are essential in order to achieve all of the things being asked of today's marketing departments. Staying abreast of digital marketing trends can be difficult with the current fast-paced landscape of martech. Not to mention, marketers need to be able to use their best judgment when determining how to prioritize investments in order to best leverage limited available budget. Here are some digital marketing trends you should consider for investment in the near future to help stay ahead of the industry curve.

Infographic : Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business - No Web Agency


In the 21st century, the question is no longer whether or not it is possible to reach millions of potential clients, but what is the fastest and the most efficient way to do it. The moving digital images have enabled us to produce content of the highest quality and to create far-reaching video marketing campaigns that leave the viewers breathless. Some estimations say that by the end of this decade videos will claim the majority of the Internet traffic, which means that video promotion is the future of advertising.

Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing


Video marketing is a crucial part of a marketing campaign. Video is more engaging, more memorable, and among internet users it is the most popular type of content you can post.