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IBM sells Watson Health assets to investment firm Francisco Partners


IBM is selling parts of its Watson Health Unit to the global investment firm Francisco Partners, the companies confirmed Friday. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of this year. Under the agreement, Francisco Partners will acquire specific healthcare data and analytics assets that are part of the Watson Health business. These include data sets and products like Health Insights, MarketScan, Clinical Development, Social Program Management, Micromedex and imaging software offerings. Francisco Partners plans to turn these assets into a standalone company under the current management team.

Machine Learning HSA Personas Reveal Industry's Over-Generalization of Consumer Needs


Lively, Inc., creators of the modern Health Savings Account (HSA), today released its first HSA Persona Report, giving a view into how consumers are using their HSA funds. Findings show that the industry's perception of the average HSA holder is vastly misunderstood, as a majority of people who use HSAs have just $1,050 in assets and are primarily motivated to save in case of unexpected healthcare costs. This indicates that account holders do not utilize an HSA for its long-term benefits and may need more offerings and education to start saving. This press release features multimedia. "HSAs are an incredible option because of their triple tax advantage: You put money in tax-free, earn interest or potential investment growth tax-free, and can withdraw money tax-free for qualified medical expenses," said Alex Cryricac, CEO and Co-Founder of Lively.

IBM sells off Watson AI healthcare unit - Verdict


IBM is to sell off the data assets of its AI-powered Watson Health operation to private equity firm Francisco Partners, in move which pretty much ends the story for the beleaguered healthcare unit. Announced on Friday, exact details of the deal were undisclosed, but media reports suggested a sale of more than $1bn. The sell-off marks an end to IBM's healthcare ambitions, as the Armonk, NY based giant concentrates on its hybrid cloud business. Where reports earlier in the month had suggested IBM was looking to sell off the entirety of the poorly performing unit, last week's deal is a sale of Watson Health's data and analytics assets. IBM had previously built out Watson Health through a series of acquisitions totalling more than $4bn.

Futurism A.I.


Futurism A.I. (Series 01) launch event 06.26.19 at Lucidworks Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a key element in the digitalization of in-store retail by personalizing the customer experience and creating a more engaged business-to-consumer interaction. For retail companies, AI creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual and physical sales channels. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a segment of computer science that typically refers to the creation of machines or computers capable of intelligent behavior. . Agnieszka Pilat is a Polish painter based in San Francisco. A desire to tell stories drew Pilat to the arts.

Atomwise Announces Largest China-US Collaboration for AI Drug Discovery


Atomwise Inc. ("Atomwise"), the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery, today announced a collaboration with Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited ("Hansoh Pharma"), a leading biopharmaceutical company in China, to design and discover potential drug candidates for up to eleven undisclosed target proteins in multiple therapeutic areas. "There is exciting science happening throughout Asia, and enormous potential for leadership in innovative drug discovery," said Dr. Abraham Heifets, CEO of Atomwise. "I am delighted to announce that Hansoh Pharma is our first partner in Asia. Hansoh Pharma is committed to innovation and shares our mission for global impact on patient health," he added. Scientific teams from Atomwise and Hansoh Pharma will collaborate closely on the programs.