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Google Launches Free 'Interview Warmup' Voice AI Tool for Job Seekers -


Google has released a new tool for practicing job interviews with an AI coach called Interview Warmup. The website is part of the company's Grow With Google program and uses speech-to-text and natural language processing to mimic a job interview for five different technical roles or a non-specific position. Grow With Google initially created Interview Warmup for those seeking a Google Career Certificate before opening it to the public. That's evident in the list of careers on the website, including UX design, e-commerce, project management, data analytics, and IT support. After picking a career for interviewing, the AI picks five random questions relating to an applicant's training and experience, situations they might encounter in the role, and their specific knowledge and skills.

Google's AI Can Help You Get Your Next Job


When prepping for a job interview, the first place I go is Google. After all, the company's search engine is a launchpad to learn about your potential company, workshop possible questions, and walk away feeling knowledgable and prepared. Now, Google is stepping up its interview game even further--by implementing an interviewing tool powered by artificial intelligence. Before you call your parents for interview advice, check out Google's solution. This piece of artificial intelligence is called "Interview Warmup," a simple yet powerful program you can use to practice common interview questions for different professions.

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I'll admit I'm out of practice. The last time I was being interviewed for a job was certainly when America was still sane. Yet I never really prepared for particular questions to be asked. I merely feared that the first question would be: « Tell me a little about yourself. Because that told me the interviewer likely hadn't read my resumé or, if they had, could not remember anything about it.

Jim Sterne podcast: Machine learning changed data analysis - Omniconvert Blog


In this week's episode of Growth Interviews, we invite you to join our podcast conversation with Jim Sterne, internationally known speaker, author of a dozen books on advertising, marketing, customer service, email marketing and web analytics, founder of the Marketing Analytics Summit (eMetrics Summit), the Marketing Evolution Experience and co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association. Welcome to Growth Interviews, the fun, stimulating and engaging series of conversations driven by digital business growth. Our mission is to provide valuable insights from the eCommerce arena, and each episode is a fascinating quest into the best-kept business secrets and money-making strategies of an insightful world-class expert. Jim Sterne sold business computers to first-time owners in the 1980s, consulted and keynoted about online marketing in the 1990s, founded a conference and a professional association around digital analytics in the 2000s and founded the Marketing Analytics Summit (formerly eMetrics Summit), chairing 100 conferences around the world. An internationally known speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies and Internet entrepreneurs, Jim has spent more than twenty years in sales and marketing and most of that on measuring the value of Digital medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships.

Google launches AI-based job interview tool for candidates


As part of the Grow with Google initiative, the American tech giant has just released the "Interview Warmup" tool to train the general public to pass job interviews. This application, based on artificial intelligence, is able to ask questions related to the coveted position and formulate advice according to the answers provided. Recruiters have been using artificial intelligence for some time to find the best profiles, especially in the automatic sorting of resumes. Interview Warmup is intended not for prospective employers, but for job candidates. To have the best chances of success, it is better to arrive prepared for a job interview.