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VMware lays out its vision for "easy" security


At the VMworld conference this week, VMware is rolling out a series of security advancements that cover multi-cloud, applications and the workspace. For stronger, flexible cloud-to-cloud security, VMware is introducing the industry-first elastic application security edge (EASE, pronounced as "easy"). EASE is a set of data plane services for networking, security and observability -- delivered with a unique scale-out distributed architecture that allows an EASE environment to grow and shrink as app needs change. In other words, as you expand your application up and down with more traffic, VMware can expand the infrastructure so services like the firewall or load balancer also get bigger or smaller to meet the needs of the application. "This is a big departure from the way things have historically been done," Ambika Kapur, VP of Product Marketing for VMware's Networking and Advanced Security Business Unit, said to ZDNet.

NVIDIA and VMware to Accelerate Machine Learning, Data Science and AI Workloads - DATAVERSITY


According to a new press release, "NVIDIA and VMware today announced their intent to deliver accelerated GPU services for VMware Cloud on AWS to power modern enterprise applications, including AI, machine learning and data analytics workflows. These services will enable customers to seamlessly migrate VMware vSphere-based applications and containers to the cloud, unchanged, where they can be modernized to take advantage of high-performance computing, machine learning, data analytics and video processing applications." The release goes on, "Increasingly businesses are applying artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to differentiate and advance their processes and offerings. Enterprises are rapidly adopting AI1 and implementing new AI strategies that require powerful computers to create predictive models from petabytes of corporate data. Across industries, enterprises are implementing machine learning applications such as image and voice recognition, advanced financial modeling and natural language processing using neural networks that rely on NVIDIA GPUs for faster training and real-time inference. Additionally, VMware recently acquired Bitfusion, which enables VMware to efficiently make GPU capabilities available for AI and machine learning workloads in the enterprise."

Oracle's Cloud VMware Solution becomes generally available


Oracle on Thursday announced it's expanding the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to all of Oracle's public cloud regions, as well as Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer deployments. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, first announced last September, effectively lets customers run the full VMware Cloud Foundation software stack on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The expanded service is part of Oracle's push to gain a better foothold in the public cloud market by winning over customers with deeply-entrenched on-premise workloads. Unlike competing public cloud offerings, the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution gives organizations access to a complete, customer-controlled VMware environment. Customers can use key services not available on other public clouds, like VMware Host Client for ESXi Management.

VMware vSphere 6.0 Part 6 - P2V Migrations With Converter


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Microsoft and VMware Will Square-off in the Hybrid Cloud

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In a previous blog, I noted VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger's view of who he thought was VMware's biggest competitor. It was (and is) Microsoft. But let's put "everywhere" aside for the moment. The arena where these two giants of IT are preparing to do battle is the hybrid cloud where both have been previewing their solutions in the form of technical previews. And both will enter the ring and start going head-to-head with real products at about the same time later this year.