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Finity appoints climate risk expert - The Professional - Insurance News -


Analytics consulting firm Finity has appointed global climate expert Rade Musulin to lead its Climate Risk practice. Mr Musulin is an expert in US hurricane damage assessment and flood insurance affordability. He has also contributed to Australian research as a published actuary and in his former role as COO for Aon Benfield Analytics Asia Pacific. His most recent position was as CEO of FBAlliance, a US insurer focused on members of the Farm Bureau lobby group. "Rade's appointment comes at a time when companies across all sectors are being asked to address the impact of climate change on their strategies and operations," Finity MD Scott Collings said.

AI to be top tool as captured data volume rockets - Insurtech - Insurance News -


Rapid advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies over the next decade will allow insurers to capitalise on the capture of vast swathes of digitised data from diverse sources, Finity says. Gone are the days of the data only being stored in database tables. More and more data organisations are now leveraging "natural language" data: documents, emails, transcribed phone conversations, and photos and videos. The amount of data stored in the digital universe globally has been estimated at 44 zettabytes – around 40 times the number of stars in the observable universe, or 4.4 followed by 22 zeroes. "As insurance professionals we know the importance and power of data and this trend isn't going to slow," Finity Principal Marcello Negro said.

Officials: Fire Probably Caused by Unsafe Recyclables

U.S. News

Chittenden Solid Waste District spokesperson Jonny Finity tells Local 22 that "wishful recycling" was probably behind the Tuesday fire at the Williston center. Finity says fires can be ignited by batteries and other unsafe objects that people think will be sorted out.

Outbreak to not impact general insurance industry significantly - Business Insurance


Estelle Pearson, a principal at Australia-based analytics consulting firm Finity Consulting Pty. Ltd., said that the general insurance industry will not be heavily affected by the coronavirus outbreak, Asia Insurance Review reported. However, the impacts from the crisis are not necessarily immaterial and careful thought is required for insurers to get a handle on the potential implications.

Now there's a space cat emoji, but it's only available on one OS


What to do when there there are few conceivable reasons to want a device with a Windows 10 operating system -- but Windows 10 is the only OS that has introduced possibly the greatest emoji of all ... the ASTRO CAT emoji!! Emojipedia introduced Astro Cat on Thursday. You make it by combining the the Cat Face and Rocket emojis, joining them using the "zero width joiner." That's an invisible character used in emoji sequences to create a new character -- such as Astro Cat. And boy is she beautiful. If you're using @Windows 10 you have access to this Astro Cat emoji.