Data Preprocessing for Non-Techies: Feature Exploration and Engineering


Now that we have covered the basic terms and definitions for data types and structure on my previous post, let's dive into the creative and most time consuming side of data science -- cleaning and feature engineering. The type of cleaning and engineering strategies used usually depend on the business problem and type of target variable, since this will influence the algorithm and data preparation requirements. Therefore, I will provide you a basic checklist that can help any beginner brainstorm what to do with the data at this stage. The most important part of data cleaning is the experimentation, and checking how applying one or many of this strategies affects your ability to actually predict or classify in the model.

Charon, Pluto's Biggest Moon, Has Some Interesting Names For Its Surface Features

International Business Times

Pluto sits several thousand miles away, but that doesn't mean the scientific community has forgotten the tiny world. Just recently, International Astronomical Union (IAU), the body responsible for the nomenclature of celestial objects announced names for the surface features of Charon, the biggest moon of the icy planet. A few years ago we had little to tell about Charon except it carries a neutral grey color tone, is half the size of Pluto and orbits the dwarf planet every 6.4 Earth days. But, all that changed in 2015 when NASA's New Horizons spacecraft hurtled through Pluto's neighborhood and captured the moon in unprecedented detail, Gizmodo reported. The spacecraft came within 27,000 km of Charon and took a close look at its surface.

Google Earth Revamped With New Voyager Feature For Better Exploration

International Business Times

Google has revamped Google Earth by adding a new UI, as well as tons of new features. One of the main new features on Google Earth is called Voyager, which is capable of providing users with an interactive guided tour. Voyager on Google Earth is able to provide fun facts, stories and other information on various locations around the globe. Google partnered with the likes of BBC Earth and the Gombe National Park to deliver 50 stories for Voyager. Google says that it will add more stories to Voyager every week.

Visual data exploration a key first step for deeper analyses


The team analyzes patterns in user behavior to understand how people respond to changes in the Spotify platform and to develop new ways to keep users engaged.

Space Exploration: Could A Habitable Planet Feature A Habitable Moon?

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This is a really fascinating question. I'm going to go with "usually not". The habitability of a planet or moon is based on a few things, but most notable are the size and mass of the body and its distance from the star. The size and mass of the body determines the kind and thickness of atmosphere it can hold on to at a given distance (and thus temperature) from the star. So Earth is the right size for life for its distance.