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7 Amazing Python One-Liners You Must Know


First thing is to read any image -- that we can do using OpenCV. We need to download a .exe If the above command runs without any error then it means we are good. Let's load an image now and read the text in a single line of python. You can expect all kind of general use python libraries to get imported.

Top 6 Python Libraries For Cyber-Defenders - Analytics India Magazine


In a world where almost every byte of data is digitised, there is a dire need to constantly innovate to protect sensitive information from rogue players. Here, resource-rich Python libraries can assist the cyber-defenders to tackle these problems. Python boasts of a library-rich ecosystem where developers can keep on adding task-specific libraries and packages. Nmap specialises in automating scanning tasks by manipulating nmap scan results and will be a perfect tool for systems administrators. Pentesters use Nmap to analyse scan results, and execute custom attacks against specific hosts.

Web Scraping With Python BeautifulSoup


You can get data from a website by parsing Html or XML structures with the Python BeautifulSoup library. Nowadays, web scraping is becoming more and more important as a lot of data is moved on websites. This article is made to show you the web scraping process. HTML or XML codes, which are the building blocks of websites, are in a certain order and the process of extracting data from these codes is called web scraping. In general, there are certain steps in web scraping that will help you scrape data, but sometimes these rules can be bent.

Ultimate guide to handle Big Datasets for Machine Learning using Dask (in Python)


We will now have a look at some simple cases for creating arrays using Dask. As you can see here, I had 11 values in the array and I used the chunk size as 5. This distributed my array into three chunks, where the first and second blocks have 5 values each and the third one has 1 value. Dask arrays support most of the numpy functions. For instance, you can use .sum()

Python libraries and packages for Data Scientists (Top 5)


It's an open-source language, and data professionals started creating tools for it to complete data tasks more efficiently. Here, I'll introduce the most important Python libraries and packages that you have to know as a Data Scientist. In my previous article, I introduced the Python import statement and the most important modules from the Python Standard Library. In this one, I'll focus on the libraries and packages that are not coming with Python 3 by default. At the end of the article, I'll also show you how to get (download, install and import) them.