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William McKnight is President of McKnight Consulting Group. He is an internationally recognized authority in information management. His teams have won several best practice competitions for their implementations, and many of his clients have gone public with their success stories.

Information architecture applied to big data streaming, AI


Data management expert William McKnight has long espoused a well-designed information architecture as an effective means of bringing order to a continuous procession of new data technologies. In this Q&A, the second of two parts from an interview with the president of McKnight Consulting Group, he discusses what organizations need to do to adapt as AI and big data streaming rise in importance. McKnight also assesses how the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect data management processes. Among the areas that now seem to be calling us to revisit essential information architecture principles is big data streaming. What makes that such an active area of interest now?

What if my 401K stinks?

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I don't think I have good investment choices in my 401K plan, but I've always saved the max. Does it make sense to save to an IRA instead and put the rest in some other kind of account where I can choose the investments? -- Analyzing If your employer offers a 401K and will match a percentage of your contributions, you should definitely take advantage of it, said Lisa McKnight, a certified financial planner with Lassus Wherley in New Providence. She said most employers offer a matching contribution up to a certain percentage of your salary. "For example, if your employer will match your 401K contributions up to 6% of your salary, you should always contribute at least 6%," McKnight said. It would take years in an IRA to achieve that same 100% return, she said.

Reggie Bush to honor slain football star Joe McKnight with custom NFL cleats


Before he was shot to death at age 28 in an apparent road rage incident this week, before he played for two NFL teams and before he starred on the college field at USC, Joe McKnight was touted as "the next Reggie Bush." Now, in a bittersweet coda, Bush will honor McKnight's memory by wearing custom cleats on the NFL gridiron. SEE ALSO: Why Charles Barkley ripping the Warriors for playing'girl basketball' is so misinformed McKnight was shot and killed after an argument at a traffic intersection near New Orleans on Thursday. The man suspected of killing him was released without charges Friday, prompting incredulousness and outrage far and wide -- but more on that in just a bit. McKnight's name strikes a chord with sports fans who remember the running back as a USC-bound high school football phenom hyped as "the next Reggie Bush."