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The Best Way to Prepare for a Technical Interview

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What are the best ways for someone to prepare for a technical interview? Technical interviews are where you get to meet potential teammates and collaborate with other developers to solve problems. Interviewers may approach the tech portion differently but the objective is always the same: assess whether you are the right person to join their team. That means you'll be presented with coding challenges to tackle, and be expected to be able to work through those problems, but, but also that, even when the interview is over, you still have an opportunity to show the interviewers why you're awesome. There are a number of different formats for technical interviewing.

Tech Companies Say They Can't Find Good Employees. The Companies May Be the Problem. WSJD - Technology

Many technology companies bemoan how difficult it is to find good employees. A new study suggests the companies themselves might be partly to blame. At issue is a widespread reliance on what is known as the technical interview process. In addition to the usual vetting of credentials seen in many industries, technical interviews typically subject job candidates to layers of intense testing. Generally, such tests evaluate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Whiteboard Memoirs: my new life in the tech lane


Uber's impressive string of fiascos has singlehandledly underscored the need for more women in tech. A company that lacks diversity often lacks an intrinsic system of checks and balances. Uber, however, is not unique. The tech industry is riddled with gender gaps. And to date, attempts to bridge these gaps haven't proved successful.

We analyzed thousands of coding interviews. Here's what we learned.


Note: I wrote most of the words in this post, but the legendary Dave Holtz did the heavy lifting on the data side. See more of his work on his blog.

Insider's Guide to Acing Data Science Interviews


You've spent months studying data science, now it's time to find a job in the industry. Fortunately, companies all over the world are looking to hire data scientists -- and fast. According to LinkedIn's 2020 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, skills related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Python, Natural Language Processing, etc. seen more than 70% annual growth. According to an IBM survey, the openings for data and analytics talent in the US will continue to increase, reaching 133% growth in 2020, and creating more than 700,000 openings. Qualified candidates will have a multitude of vacancies to choose from when ready to seek out a new position in the field.