Master Adobe's Most Popular Software With This 60 Hour Training Bootcamp ($39)


When it comes to creative software, Adobe is king. With programs like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom being used by photographers, designers, and editors across the globe, you should expect to master these tools if you hope to make it as a creative professional. Thankfully, doing so is much easier with the Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle, which contains 11 courses on some of Adobe's top creative tools; and it's on sale for only $39 today. Premiere Pro is the bread-and-butter for countless videographers and post-production editors around the world, and this bundle contains two courses dedicated to it. Both of these courses cover the basics, such as creating a new project and adding video, audio, transitions, and titles.

An Adobe CC training like this one could jumpstart your design career


To master Adobe Creative Cloud is to check a monumental prerequisite off your design career list. But it's easier said than done. This industry standard software suite is dense; some people spend years learning just one application. But with the Pay What You Want Adobe CC Lifetime A-Z Bundle, you can navigate the ins and outs of all the major Creative Cloud apps for whatever you can afford right now. Here's what you can expect from each course: Add a higher level of professionalism and pizazz to your videos by implementing motion graphics and visual effects.

Graphic designers, you can now master Adobe for next to nothing


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