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AI must be accountable, EU says as it sets ethical guidelines - Reuters


BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Companies working with artificial intelligence need to install accountability mechanisms to prevent its being misused, the European Commission said on Monday, under new ethical guidelines for a technology open to abuse. AI projects should be transparent, have human oversight and secure and reliable algorithms, and they must be subject to privacy and data protection rules, the commission said, among other recommendations. The European Union initiative taps in to a global debate about when or whether companies should put ethical concerns before business interests, and how tough a line regulators can afford to take on new projects without risking killing off innovation. "The ethical dimension of AI is not a luxury feature or an add-on. It is only with trust that our society can fully benefit from technologies," the Commission digital chief, Andrus Ansip, said in a statement.

NYC's safe sex guidelines for COVID-19 now officially recommend getting kinky


Back in March, New York City released guidelines for practicing safe sex amid the coronavirus pandemic. The document quickly got the internet's attention for its funny yet nonjudgmental tips, such as reminding everyone that you are your safest sex partner (said in a Smokey the Bear voice). NYC's Department of Health refreshed the guidelines over the weekend, and the new version has got plenty of gems. The new NYC CDC sex guidelines is an iconique document. Again, NYC says that you are your safest partner, meaning that masturbation is the best option for those living alone.

Brexit: EU draft guidelines say British exit talks come first before anything else

FOX News

BRUSSELS – The guidelines that European Union Council President Donald Tusk is putting to EU members make it clear that withdrawal from the bloc comes ahead of any new relationship with Britain even though the rough outlines such a relationship may partially overlap. In the draft guidelines obtained by the Associated Press, it says that first the EU and Britain must "settle the disentaglement" of Britain from the EU but added that "an overall understanding on the framework for the future relationship could be identified during the second phase of the negotiations under Article 50." The guidelines also say the issue of citizens living in each other's countries is a priority, and call for "flexible and imaginative solutions" for the issue of the U.K.'s land border with Ireland.

Facebook Released Its Content Guidelines for the First Time. Here's What You Need to Know


For years, Facebook has faced harsh criticism for not doing enough to moderate hate speech, promote terrorism, or broadcast violence on its site. Now it hopes to clear up any confusion about its post-removing policies, guidelines for which were just released. Tuesday's announcement comes a little more than a month after The New York Times reported that London-based political firm Cambridge Analytica gathered users' Facebook data and claimed it could influence the behavior of American voters. Facebook's decision to release its full content guidelines could be seen as an attempt to be more transparent about its operations while it's under a microscope by multiple governments and privacy groups. "The guidelines will help people understand where we draw the line on nuanced issues," wrote Monika Bickert, the vice president of global product management, in a blog post announcing Facebook's decision.

European Commission announces pilot program for AI ethics guidelines


The European Commission will launch a pilot project this summer designed to test ethical guidelines it has developed for the use of artificial intelligence. Companies, public agencies, and other organizations can now join the European AI Alliance which will officially notify members when the pilot starts. "The ethical dimension of AI is not a luxury feature or an add-on," said Vice-President for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip in a statement. "It is only with trust that our society can fully benefit from technologies. Ethical AI is a win-win proposition that can become a competitive advantage for Europe: being a leader of human-centric AI that people can trust."