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SATS, TUMCREATE join hands to develop robotic air cargo system


August 23, 2019: SATS, a Singapore-based ground handler and Singaporean research platform TUMCREATE will be working together to explore commercialisation opportunities for their artificial intelligence (AI) powered robotic air cargo system, SPEEDCARGO. SPEEDCARGO is a system comprised of three of the companies' products – CARGO EYE, CARGO MIND, and CARGO ARM. CARGO EYE produces a digital fingerprint for incoming cargo by dimensioning accepted cargo in real-time using a 3D camera system. The companies are currently working to enhance CARGO MIND and CARGO ARM, which work to optimise cargo palletisation through intelligent unit load device (ULD) planning and automatic ULD packing, respectively, with the aim of commercialising each product in phases. The timeline for the completed project has not been released, but the integrated SPEEDCARGO system will run on an AI-powered operating system enabling them to connect data for end-to-end optimisation of cargo operations.

Amazon buys planes for the first time to expand its cargo air fleet


Back in 2016, Amazon's cargo air fleet (then known as Prime Air) consisted of 11 jets. By the end of 2022, the company told Bloomberg it expects to have more than 85 planes shuttling products across the US and other countries thanks to its recent acquisition of 11 Boeing 767-300 planes. More than the number of aircraft involved, Amazon's latest announcement is notable because it marks the first time the company has purchased, instead of leased, additional aircraft for its Amazon Air cargo operation. Amazon is buying seven used aircraft from Delta and four from Canada's WestJet. After they're retrofitted to carry cargo, the latter four will start flying for the company later this year.

At least 4 killed after plane crashes off Ivory Coast amid thunderstorm

FOX News

A cargo plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off West Africa's Ivory Coast shortly after taking off in a thunderstorm on Saturday morning. At least 4 people have died in the crash, but some of the crew may have survived, according to BBC News. The aircraft took off from Port-Bouet Airport in Abidjan around the midmorning hours on Saturday. Wind speeds reached as high as 30 km/h (18 mph) during the storm. Continue to check back for updates on this breaking story.

Boeing 767 Cargo Jetliner With 3 Aboard Crashes Near Houston

U.S. News

Authorities say a Boeing 767 cargo jetliner heading to Houston with three people aboard has crashed into a bay just east of the city.

Tern GSD S10 Review: Our Favorite Cargo Bike


Even though it's my job to think critically about products, there are a few attributes that I don't think to question. For example, I can't complain that earbuds have to go in my ears. Such is the nature of earbuds. If I have tiny, weird-shaped ears, that's my own problem. Likewise, I can't complain that cargo bikes are big and heavy.