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Video game 'The Last of Us Part II' advances accessibility options for disabled gamers

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The video game "The Last of Us Part II" is already proven to be a hit for the Sony PlayStation 4. But for some gamers, the much-hyped release means more – the cinematic thriller breaks new ground with features that make it easier for disabled players to play along. As video game consoles have evolved, developers have been able to design games that are more accessible."Gears And tech hardware such as Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller, released in 2018, has also made games easier to play for those with a disability. Game developers have also begun soliciting the advice of disabled gamers to make their titles more accessible for the 46 million or so gamers in the U.S. alone who are disabled, according to researchers at the AbleGamers charity, a non-profit that advocates for and assists gamers who are disabled. "The Last of Us Part II," released last month ($59.99, "I can say they definitely raised the bar," said AbleGamers founder and executive director Mark Barlet. Sony-owned studio that created the game and others such as the Uncharted series, set out to address issues faced by the disabled. In 2016's "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End," the designers made it easier to make moves on a controller for those with motion limitations. A year later, the studio invited disability advocate and game consultant Brandon Cole, who is blind, to speak to developers there as development on "The Last of Us Part II' was beginning.

'The Last Of Us Part II' Presents An Accessible Apocalypse

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A high-contrast mode makes The Last of Us II more accessible to visually impaired gamers. A high-contrast mode makes The Last of Us II more accessible to visually impaired gamers. Last month, the highly anticipated video game The Last Of Us Part II was released for the Playstation 4. Both installments tell the story of a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested future -- the original game was lauded for its rich story and compelling characters. But the legacy of this new follow-up might be just how many people are actually able to play it. "Well mostly when I play video games, it was like watching my brother play video games," he says. Saylor has a vision impairment, which makes it hard to see the things video games expect you to see.

Nintendo tells Switch users dead pixels are their problem

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Switch owners complaining of distracting dead or stuck pixels, or light or dark patches on the screens of their brand new consoles, are being told by Nintendo that they are "normal" and are not defects. New Switch players have taken to online discussion boards, including a 2,000-comment strong Reddit post, to complain of screen issues distracting play, unbecoming of a £280 handheld gaming machine. In a support document entitled "There are black or bright dots on the Nintendo Switch screen that do not go away, or there are dark or light patches on the screen" Nintendo said: "Small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens. These are normal and should not be considered a defect." So called "dead" pixels – those that do not react or light up and remain black at all times – were common in the early days of LCD screen technology.

Valve Steam Deck vs. Nintendo Switch: Which gaming handheld should you buy?


You'll often hear PC enthusiasts--including yours truly--say that the Nintendo Switch is the perfect companion console for your gaming rig, thanks to its handheld mode for on-the-go gaming, deep indie library, and access to Nintendo-exclusive games. The stickiness of that last benefit will soon be put to the test, as Valve's newly announced Steam Deck handheld PC mimes the Switch form factor but revolves around your existing Steam account...and all the games already in it. In the battle of the Steam Deck vs. the Nintendo Switch, who comes out on top? We'll take it to the tape below, but first let's talk about what matters most: the games, and why the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch might not even be true competitors at all. The $399 Steam Deck and $299 Nintendo Switch have two totally different gaming philosophies.

Nintendo Switch consoles are BENDING in docked mode

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After reports of dead pixels, now Nintendo Switch users are claiming yet another issue with their devices; bent consoles. Pictures posted on both Twitter and Reddit by disgruntled customers show warped devices after heavy play. Reports suggest the device starts to bend while in dock mode for 40 - 50 hours. Other reports suggest it gets'very hot' while playing Nintendo adventure game Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A Reddit user posted a picture of their Nintendo Switch console claiming it had bent after heavy play.