Collaborating Authors launches a chat tool to connect hotels and travelers

#artificialintelligence, the largest travel company in the world, will tomorrow announce a chat communication service that allows its millions of users to interact more easily with the hotels before and after their stays. The move comes during a wave of excitement surrounding the potential of chat technology, which many businesses say is more efficient for engaging people than email, phone, or native appa. That enthusiasm was stoked even more by Facebook's launch last month of its chatbot platform for Messenger, which kicked off thousands more experiments by brands to reach their users with this new chat format. is owned by Priceline Group, the largest travel company in the world. Booking has said it has more than 30 million unique visitors a month.

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Customer Service? - Working at


It's the time to reflect and to look forward, to determine new goals – to consult a horoscope for some, to check industry-trend forecasts for others. Among the mega trends that were discussed regarding the Internet of Things, big data, virtual and augmented reality technology, self-driving cars, drones, robotics, nanotechnology, biotech, and online privacy – the most interesting topic for us was how these technologies could affect the hospitality industry and customer service, in particular. Van Hooijdonks predicts that ten years from now, we won't be able to tell the difference between a human and a robot – artificial intelligence will start to play a more "personal role." The ability to process huge amounts of data and solve increasingly complex problems has started to open the doors for artificial intelligence to play a more visible and meaningful role in all of our lives. For the last couple of years, leaders in the travel and hospitality industry have discussed its implementation in the sector and possible applications to enhance and innovate customer service.

Priceline Hopes To Increase Customer Loyalty By Using Artificial Intelligence

#artificialintelligence, a major brand within Priceline Group (NASDAQ:PCLN), will start using AI within its mobile apps to provide users instant booking options to a location's main venues and attractions. This option will be provided through QR (quick response) code and would be based on the personal preferences of a user based on their past booking history. This highly personalized Booking Experiences tool has been launched on's Further roll-out for Dubai, London and Paris is expected to be done by the end of July. New York City will get the feature by this fall. Data Scientist – Machine Learning


Would you like to translate terabytes of data into unforgettable holidays for millions of people around the globe?, the world's largest accommodation booking website, is looking for rock star Data Scientists to add to join our highly successful Personalization Team within the Front End department. This product development team crunches endless amounts of data to provide our customers with the best possible experience. They focus on anything from understanding and predicting market data, to ranking all properties on our website, and providing our customers with the most relevant personalized recommendations. As a Data Scientist you'll work side by side with Developers, Designers and Product Owners, and take full ownership of your work – from the initial idea-generation phase to the implementation of the final product on our website.

How AI is changing how we travel


If you don't know, it's likely that the artificial intelligence (AI) in your pocket does. From Google Maps and voice assistants to the scores of travel apps that make online booking easy and instant, AI is grabbing hold of the travel industry – and it's not letting go. There is a simple reason for this; the internet has made booking flights, hotels and rental cars a wholly online experience. So there's now big data on all of our travel habits, and it's allowing AI algorithms, customization and chatbots to spread.