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Zuckerberg spent 19M on personal security over past three years

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At Facebook, security is a top priority -- security for CEO Mark Zuckerberg, that is. The social-networking giant spent more than 6.5 million last year on bodyguards and other measures to protect Zuckerberg and his growing family, according to a recent regulatory filing. The cost to protect Zuckerberg topped 7.8 million in 2014, up from 4.2 million the previous year, according to the document. In all, the company has shelled out 19 million on security for the CEO over the past three years. He is reportedly so concerned about his own security that he has no less than 16 people protecting him at his Californian home.

How to watch Mark Zuckerberg's keynote at the Facebook F8 conference


Facebook will soon kick off one of its biggest events of the year: its annual F8 developer conference. This year promises to be one of the biggest events in recent memory, with Facebook expected to announce new software that will allow developers to create bots for Messenger. SEE ALSO: Bots, Live and A.I.: What to expect at Facebook's F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg's keynote will kick off beginning at 10 a.m. PT Tuesday when he is scheduled to take the stage at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. In addition to bots, we're expecting Facebook's chief executive to spend some time talking about its artificially intelligent assistant M and the company's other A.I. initiatives.

Facebook to strip Zuckerberg of control should he leave

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Mark Zuckerberg would not retain his iron grip on Facebook should he leave the giant social network under a proposal from the board of directors. The Facebook board is asking shareholders to vote on the proposal that would deny Zuckerberg voting control if he is no longer running Facebook at the annual meeting on June 20. The proposal would ensure "that we will not remain a founder-controlled company after we cease to be a founder-led company," the board said in a filing. Under the current agreement, Zuckerberg would be able to exercise voting control even if leaves the company. Zuckerberg would also be allowed to pass on those shares, and conceivably his majority voting control, to his descendants after he dies.

Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Fortune's Businessperson of the Year

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Mark Zuckerberg has willed himself into becoming a global phenomenon. Facebook is a nearly 16,000-employee media powerhouse worth $350 billion and also an advertising-technology juggernaut on track for annual revenues of $27 billion in 2016 and gaudy profits of $7 billion. Its core product has almost 1.8 billion users, and Zuckerberg has shrewdly assembled a portfolio of properties to buttress Facebook. Zuckerberg is rightly recognized for his outsize success. Nevertheless, he is surprisingly underappreciated for his business acumen.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg drops in for dinner with Ohio family

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An Ohio family says they learned just 20 minutes before dinner this week that a planned mystery guest would be Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. The Vindicator of Youngstown reports Zuckerberg dined on Friday with the Moore family in Newton Falls, about 55 miles southeast of Cleveland. The newspaper reports Zuckerberg had asked his staff to find Democrats who voted for President Donald Trump. Not all the dinner chat was political. Daniel Moore says he and his wife, Lisa, talked about their work with an orphanage in Uganda and that Zuckerberg says he's now planning a fundraiser to benefit the orphans.